Why Video Has Exploded in Recent Years Online

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If you have accessed the Internet over the last several months, you'd know that video has become a major component in the online marketing world.
Video is virtually everywhere online: Online marketing campaigns from large corporations to one-man home businesses Social websites (YouTube, Google Video, MySpace, Facebook, Twitter, etc.
) News websites (CNN, Fox News, MSNBC, CNBC, etc.
) Why has video exploded so much over the last several months?  There are several reasons: 1.
Video is cheaper and easier to produce than in the past; there are many software programs that can easily create video for you, even if you don't know anything about coding a program that creates video.
High-speed Internet is a main staple in most households, due to the fact that the cost has decreased in the last few years; before high-speed Internet was readily available, dial-up connections were commonplace in most households, but dial-up connections are not very capable of handling online video transmissions, being that they require more bandwidth than dial-up connections can provide, resulting in videos starting and stopping repeatedly on dial-up connections.
Many people learn more easily from video; if they want to learn how to do something, most people will log onto a video site (such as YouTube or Google Video) and see how that action is done, rather than read about it on a website or in an ebook.
Online marketing involves getting a prospect or customer to trust the marketer that his/her product/service will improve the person's life or business.
Video can make a prospect more trusting of a marketer because the prospect gets to see the marketer and know that this marketer is a real person, not just a name who hides behind the Internet.
People enjoy watching videos, whether to learn information, to watch their favorite shows, or to laugh at something humorous.
  Video also ties in well with the social networking craze that is sweeping the Internet.
  Many people are constantly logging into their Facebook, MySpace, and Twitter accounts to update their "friends"  (those they personally know and those they just met through the site) on their activities and on news items that have made an impression on them, often posting links to videos that show those news items.
  Video is also important for people who are separated by great distances.
  For instance, those serving in a country's military who are deployed in another part of the world can now see the faces and hear the voices of their loved ones instead of just relying on the words in an email or having to establish a cellular phone account that can receive a loved one's phone call.
  Even for those people who are in an occupation that requires them to be in another city or even another country, the ability of online video to provide a more personal connection with loved ones is greatly appreciated by many.
The advancement of online video technology enables more personal connections to be made between loved ones separated by great distances and enables trust to be more easily established between marketers and their prospects/customers.
  The fact that people can more easily create and view videos online has certainly enabled the presence of online video to increase in recent years.
  Additionally, many people learn more easily by watching how something is done rather than reading about how it's done.
Video has also increased the ability of people to connect online and become closer via social networking sites.
  The explosion of video in recent years has certainly contributed to the advancement of personal connections and marketing on the Internet.
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