My Unstoppable Experience at the No Excuses 2 Summit

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As a network marketer, I am always looking to increase my my knowledge buy ordering books, attending seminars, or other forms of continuing education.
While pursuing this, I learned a valuable lesson on integrity and the importance of a money back guarantee, and what it says about the person or company you are dealing with.
A couple of months ago I received an e-mail from a very well known internet marketer for an "Unstoppable" event.
He was promoting a content filled weekend full of insight, strategies on marketing, and ways to sharpen my entrepreneurial mind.
By the third video I was hooked.
I purchased two tickets to the tune of about $600.
As luck would have it, a week later, I find out that the same weekend this event was taking place, my son was graduating high school.
There was not a snowballs chance in Hades that I was going to miss my son graduating, so, I created a ticket, explained my situation and requested a refund.
A few days had passed with no response so I sent another ticket.
After no response for over a week, ANOTHER ticket was sent.
I finally received a response that stated that a refund could not be issued, but I could choose any item or items created by this marketer equivalent to the amount of money I had spent on the tickets.
Not the response I had expected.
It was also explained I had 3 days from the time I had purchased the tickets to ask for a refund if needed.
Left with no other choice, I made my selections and decided that was the last time I would conduct business with this individual.
A few days later, I come across information about the No Excuses 2 Summit in Las Vegas.
It was held a week before my sons graduation, and the venue of speakers made this something I felt like I had to go to.
I purchased 2 tickets to this event.
Fast forward a week after NES2, and my brain is still swimming with all the new content and my e-mail is full of new contacts from all of the great like minded people that attended this phenomenal event.
I do believe I received far greater value and content from the NE2 guest speakers.
Instead of 3 days focused on one marketer, I had 3 jammed packed days with over 20 of the industries top producers, not to mention the Godfather of attraction marketing, Mike Dillard.
The diverse marketing skills both on and offline presented made me walk away from the NES2 experience with a whole new outlook for my future in the marketing industry and a mindset for unstoppable, unlimited success.
I was kind of leery about purchasing the NES2 tickets based on what happened when I ordered the other weekend seminar.
It made me feel better knowing that there was a money back guarantee up until the second day of the NES2 event.
Not just the 3 day one that is mandated by law.
Integrity is something that implies honesty, fairness, and moral character.
I would like to acknowledge Ray and Ferny for having those qualities when it comes to putting the No Excuses Summits together.
It shows that they truly care for the network marketing industry and helping those that are in it.
It also shows they are genuine, honestly back what they promote, and not just in it to make a buck.
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