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Curiously, though, the amount of space a diary allows for recording each day remains the same now as it was in the 1820s, when printed diaries first became popular gifts. A few hundred words is all you are likely to fit in, making the decision about what to record difficult and perhaps explaining why so many diaries remain unread - even by their authors. Maybe it's time to ditch paper and its limitations, not merely for the digital equivalent but for something altogether more exciting and ...

Now a days there are many ways of advertiesment but still print media plays a big role in the industry of advertisement, Diary and Calender are the main products in print media advertisement. Diaries are very special product for everyone, no one can do his business without appointment diary because time management planning can only be done if you know you work to do list if you opt for the appointment diary it will let you know about you important task to do and you will never forget you work, portable computer can also be used for managing you appointment but still it not reliable, and still it plays a very big role in time management, please visit the website [] for gifting a diary to someone

There are many more ways in you can advertise youself with the help of diaries and calender as far as diaries are concern are still treated as the best way of advertiesment centuries have passed but still diaries are still used and distributed as a corporate gift

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Types of diaries

Small Diaries

As the name would suggest, small diaries are compact diaries which are usually casebound or ringbound. Designed to be easily carried, pocket diaries are perfect for those who are always on the go and who need instant access to their appointments and schedule. Given the size constraints, pocket diaries are generally week to view or two weeks to view and offer just enough space to go into a little detail.

Desk Diaries

Generally A4 or A5 in size, desk diaries allow for more detailed entries than pocket diaries and for the most part offer somewhere between 2 days per page through to 2 pages per day. There are a number of varieties of desk diary including appointments diaries which split each day into half hour and hourly segments for ease of appointment arrangement and academic diaries which span the academic year and are particularly well suited to students. There are also a large number of diaries made from recycled paper and materials available from online office supplies retailers.

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