The Most Productive and Cheapest Salesperson You Can Hire

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Advertising is a 24/7 operation.
So how can your sales team be productive on a never-ending basis? There is a new type of employee, actually, a set of tools, if used, will promote products or services on a never-ending basis, that I call silent-sales persons.
Walk into an office or restaurant or store and look at tall the company embroidered shirts, jackets and hats people wear.
Go into a sporting goods store and look at the team apparel for sale.
All this apparel actually creates silent sales-people promoting and event, product or service.
No words were exchanged but the message gets across.
Think of how many people see the message each day.
We provided embroidered sweatshirts to a sports club and as I watched one of the World Series games, the camera focused on a lady in the crowd wearing tone of those custom embroidered sweatshirts.
How much would you pay for national exposure like that? Embroidered company shirts and logo promotional items provide the same quiet exposure.
There are no overtime, sick-time or benefits to pay with custom advertising products or any of these embroidered jackets and hats.
Too many times I hear people tell me they can't afford to advertise or worse yet, they stash their promotional marketing items in a closet where they do no good by taking us space.
The idea behind advertising is to let people know about your products and services so that your company is top-of-mind when they have a specific need.
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