What To Ask Before Hiring A Marketing Agency

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Marketing is something that alot of business owners screw their face at. But if you're a business owner who needs more sales and profits, the idea of marketing will have to be something that you're well acquainted with. Even if you decide to outsource all of your marketing, there's still a price to pay to get your marketing message out to the masses.

I want to talk to you today about outsourcing your marketing. But exactly do I mean by "outsourcing"? Well I'm not talking about letting your business success lie in the hands of a telemarketer overseas. No, nothing like that. What I'm referring to is letting a marketing agency do the marketing work for you.

Most struggling business owners are faced with the fact that marketing agencies require a good sum of money in order to perform the services that they're doing for you. And if you're deciding to go down this route, there is a number of questions that you should be asking before you make your final decision. For example, here's a question that you should ask:

1) Did any one of their previous clients achieve great results from the agency's help?

This is a very important question to ask. If the marketing agency does not have any former clients, then you will want to be weary of their services. Now not having any clients isn't something that you should immediately dismiss. The marketing agency could be brand new, and they just haven't gotten the time to prove themselves first.

But if the marketing agency has in fact been around for a long time and they have served clients in the past… ask them for case studies and testimonials from their previous clients. If they are unable to provide you with this information, move on to the next marketing agency. Here's another question that you should ask:

2) Will they be doing all of your marketing for you?

What you don't want to end up with is a marketing agency that tells you what to do, but doesn't actually implement the idea themselves. This is like a consultant who tells his client what to do, but not actually do it themselves. This is a total waste of money in my opinion.

Choose an agency that will create your ads, letters, and other marketing tools for you - and who will submit them to the proper places also. Your job should be to focus on all the new business that comes your way, as a result of the marketing agency doing their job. This makes sense right? Here's the last thing you should ask:

3) How much do they charge?

Prices will vary if you have alot of agencies in your area. You should negotiate on price if the agency is new and doesn't have any clients under their belt. This is reasonable, and is something that should be flexible with the beginning marketing agency.

Be sure to ask these 3 questions before hiring a new marketing agency.

Good luck with using these tips to make more money in your business today.

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