SEO Press Formula - Does the Formula Work?

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Seo Press Formula, by Brian G.
Johnson, is being released on Nov the 6th.
Brian G.
Johnson has worked in internet marketing for over 6 years full-time and in his newest product (having just produced just two products ever to date) he details how he created traffic and income on the net via blogs.
In his own words, he aims to "share everything I know about wordpress and driving free search engine traffic for profit".
It is a basic goal, however does he manage to deliver? You will find a main eBook of over 70+ pages and videos which relate back to several parts of the main eBook.
The eBook goes over several areas but is primarily divided into just these sections: A quick look at websites online, setting up your blog and how to make it as SEO friendly as you can, niche exploration, extra keyword investigation & information and then finishes with more information about web 2.
0/video/social bookmarking websites.
The information is presented well and is easy to read.
There are over 20+ videos which go into a visual demonstration of some of the sections covered in the main eBook, however for folks which are pressed for free time and don't feel like watching the videos to check if there is anything of use will find a basic description of what each video covers in the main eBook.
In a nutshell, the main eBook details all the required steps someone should go through to create a blog and then how to make the blog SEO friendly so to generate as much traffic as they can based on the keywords .
Brian has attempted to promote his information as a plan, hence the title Seo Press Formula.
The main eBook is essentially what he thinks to be the plan people need to carry out if they want to make profitable blogs.
Taking that into consideration, let's take a look at where I think the product fails to deliver.
The sales page for Seo Press Formula boldly states "How I Made $21,192.
61 in 90 Days" however the actual product in no way goes into any depth or detail of how you could generate those sales or money.
Statements of this kind on sales pages need to be taken with a grain of salt.
Furthermore another let down is that about half of the main eBook is devoted to actually installing and making your blog SEO friendly (approx 40+ pages or so).
A huge portion of that material is basic and can be found elsewhere online for free.
To give you an example of this one part goes over how to install wordpress and another covers installing widgets like All in One SEO to improve the SEO factor of your blog.
While most of the information offered in those pages is crucial and definitely can help your blog rank higher for your chosen keywords (such as permalinks etc), it appears to be that the norm for most products is that a huge portion of the material is all about basic or fundamental steps which leads me to personally consider this product is more for beginners or beginners with some experience.
Once more, there is nothing wrong with fundamental or basic information, but why aren't authors offering 40+ pages on advanced information? While more than half of the information is basic, a lot is covered and a lot if not all of the advice given is valuable and isn't a waste of time.
A part I liked was that the author even suggests what parts you could skip or skim over if you already are experienced in blogs etc.
Based on just how much is detailed, there are bound to be parts that most beginners didn't know about or have heard about and just have not looked at in enough detail.
I am of the opinion that most people know that there are many things one can do to help the SEO ranking of a site and its very easy to overlook some steps or tricks that you can implement.
It is in cases similar to this that I consider the methods detailed is a nice refresher and can be good to jog your memory of what can be done to try and boost your SEO ranking.
Another aspect about SEO Press Formula that I consider offers some use for beginners is the niche selection.
While this does not mean the niche selection is the same length as just creating and making your blog SEO friendly (more than 40 pages), but it does try to offer some information of value.
Basic ways people can find possible niches (checking eBay etc), then scoping out competition and competing websites along with approx keyword traffic and using Google trends to spot possible trends.
The material within is once more fundamental and very basic, but for a those starting out it should be of use.
Usually, most products released often completely brush over market/niche selection or at best offer a few lines of what they believe to be information but usually is nothing more than fluff.
Finally, towards the back of the eBook there is a huge resource area with social book marking sites, rss directories and other resources that you can use to link to attempt and improve the rank of your website.
It is an extensive list and folks shouldn't really have any need to search for more places to submit to online as there is already enough to keep you busy for a long long time.
Do I believe this is worth buying? Possibly the best way to answer this is by taking a look at the goals or aim Brian had with Seo Press Formula.
The main goal was that he wanted to teach everything he could about blogging and using SEO to get free visitors.
Did he deliver? Basically I think he did and would say yes.
A quick look at the main eBook makes it obvious that he includes an extensive amount of information on wordpress, making it SEO friendly and using different methods or sites to drive free traffic to it.
It is the claim of helping people to generate profit that worries me.
The core focus to me of the eBook is about setting up your blog and making it SEO friendly to drive traffic.
Not much information is given about generating profit other than a few quick references to AdSense and affiliate products.
Despite this I believe there information within is useful, as long as you aren't buying this product with the intention of getting rich over night.
I think you will find the information is more for beginners than anyone else.
Those with some knowledge of blogging will still find a few pieces of useful information, but I wouldn't recommend this to anyone who already had some knowledge in the area of blogging.
In summary, if you are a beginner you stand to more than likely gain some good information from this product.
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