8 Important Things to Know Before Using a QR Code

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Quick Response (QR) codes are digital modules that embed code used to direct users to specific website or other online information.
While marketers are using QR codes more often, but few people know how to use them correctly.
The important thing to remember about QR codes is they are not about being novel.
They are about making things easy for your readers and providing information in a targeted, planned way.
Here are some of the things that most people miss when using QR codes to promote their business.
Codes are mobile: QR codes are meant to be read by mobile devices, such as smart phones, by taking you to a web page, video or something else online.
The purpose is to direct a potential customer offline towards your targeted information online through their cellular phone.
Point customers to a mobile web page: Cellular phones have a limited-sized screen and QR codes are meant to be used with cellular phones.
When a potential customer scans in your code, they will not be able to see a full-sized web page without manipulating left and right, up and down.
Instead, have the QR code point to a mobile web page which are designed to be seen and read on a cellular phone without having to enlarge or move left and right in order to be read.
Engage your viewers: Codes are about engagement and added value to the viewer.
The last thing you would want to do is waste your reader's time by using QR codes as a novelty that serves little purpose.
Have the code point to something of value.
If you own a restaurant, have your code point to daily meal specials, the menu or a coupon.
Don't just point to your home page and make the viewer search your site to find what they need.
Point to a landing page, show video, offer a coupon, a map, event information or product information and make it worthwhile.
Provide a place for your viewers to land: When you determine just the right spot to take your readers through your QR code, consider developing a mobile landing page.
With a landing page, you can customize a page on your site that will communicate with your viewers to take some sort of action.
You can also use your landing page to gather email addresses or phone numbers in return for valuable information you provide.
Test your code before you publish it: Before you actually print your QR code, test it with different mobile scanning application and different smart phone devices.
What may look great on an iPhone may not look so great on a BlackBerry or Android.
Think about your publishing: Don't publicize your QR code in a place where there is no internet access like a subway or deep inside a steel building.
Your code is virtually worthless without an internet connection.
The benefit of using these codes is to give your viewers instant access to your online information.
If that capability is not there, your viewers will not take action to find you.
Printing your code: When printing your QR code, use a URL shortener inside the code, such as tinyurl or bit.
It makes the code cleaner and easier to read than a long URL.
Also take note of the print size and don't print your QR code too small.
It may be difficult to pick up by the scanner application.
Don't get too fancy: QR Codes are black modules on a white background, so if you are looking to jazz up your code with some color, but sure your code is darker than the background and leave some white space around it as well.
QR codes are an effective way to bring your offline visitors online and when done correctly, you can more accurately target your traffic to your online sales material.
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