3 Tips When Starting a Website

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Starting your own website can be fun and financially rewarding if developed correctly.
Read three tips when starting a website.
Develop An Update Schedule Before launching your website you should develop an update schedule that is reasonable.
It's common to launch your website with great enthusiasm and become less interested after every month.
If you forget to update your website regularly it will be difficult to retain returning visitors.
Don't Use Too Many Ads Once you've built and launched your website there's an immediate urge to begin monetizing your efforts.
One of the easiest and most efficient ways to create a revenue stream with your website is through the use of contextual paid advertisements.
You allow other webmasters to place ads on your webpages through the use of Google AdWords or other ad platforms.
It becomes tempting to fill every white space on your website with ads.
Taking this approach is often counter productive because it will create a negative user experience if your content is surrounded by too many ads.
Choose a logical place on your webpages to place ads, but always keep in mind that too many ads become a distraction to visitors and will create a negative experience.
Use Accepted Web Standards It's a common desire to express your personal design with your website but from a business standpoint it's always more efficient to use commonly used web standards.
Most people see the same type of navigation on every website and want to try something different to stand out from the crowd.
You may impress a few visitors with a non-standard design but the bulk of your visitors will feel lost when they reach your website.
Using standards that are already accepted and common to most websites will eliminate the learning curve and help with your web usability.
If you use a design and interface that is not common, be sure to test it's ease of use with several friends before launching the website.
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