Are You Spending Unnecessary Time And Energy Marketing Your Product Or Event?

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Why spend unnecessary time and energy marketing your product or event? A strategically designed marketing system can do most of the work for you.
Got a killer product or event? Have a genius sales letter guaranteed to convert? It doesn't matter.
Without a good marketing system in place, you'll have a hard time selling, period.
Don't automatically blame your sales letter if your product or event isn't selling.
Instead, spend some time evaluating your system and make sure you're reaching your prospects.
Map Out Your Marketing System At one time, my clients asked me a lot of questions that signaled they needed help creating a marketing system.
Mapping out your system is a quick tool to help you evaluate and supplement it, and it's a step that absolutely warrants attention.
Visually mapping out your system can help you understand its flow and determine its effectiveness.
Your marketing system should start with a squeeze page, which then directs people to your online sales page and marketing materials.
On either side of that, map out your online and offline marketing avenues.
Did you list plenty of avenues, or is one area deficient in marketing opportunities? You may need to add marketing channels to better reach your target audience.
Use a Squeeze Page to Capture Information One of the most important components of your system is your squeeze page.
Your squeeze page is where you capture your prospects' information before you send them along to your online sales information.
By capturing information, you have an avenue to reach out and follow up with your prospects.
You can also use a squeeze page to evaluate how many people have viewed your sales letter, and to calculate the conversion rate of your marketing materials.
Create Well-Crafted Materials A good system is useless without the right marketing materials.
You need a comprehensive online sales letter so people can find all of the information they want about your product or event.
If people are unable to find information and are forced to call you, they're less likely to buy your product or register for your event.
By making it all available online, you're removing a barrier to sales and making it even easier for people to take action.
Follow Up with Your Prospects Once you have everything in place, it's vital to follow up with your prospects.
You can triple your conversion rate - or even improve it by 10 times as many conversions - by following up appropriately with your prospects.
People almost never make a decision about something the first time they read a sales letter.
They might wait for days or weeks before they're ready to make a decision, based on things that are going on in their lives or how much commitment your product or event requires.
The best way to ensure they take action is by following up periodically.
Remind people that they need to take action.
Don't contact them too frequently, but a gentle nudge every few days can make a huge difference in your conversion rates.
Evaluate Your Marketing System Once you've mapped out your system, evaluate it.
Are any areas lacking? Do you need to add a squeeze page, improve your sales letter or follow up with your prospects more frequently? The best products and events in the world won't sell themselves.
With the right marketing system in place, though, you're a huge step closer to realizing your success!
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