Learn How to Generate Your Own Network Marketing Leads

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There are two ways to generate leads for your network marketing business.
The first is to have your own blog.
You can blog specifically about your MLM and give tips on how you build, or you may wish to have a generic blog just about network marketing.
Then you can have people opt into your newsletter.
You also can create your own web page or have someone do this for you.
You want to sell yourself, not your business.
People who are hungry for financial success and security from working at home are looking for leaders.
Therefore you want to promote yourself as someone who can help them achieve the success they desire.
Your web page does not need to be lengthly.
In fact, you really only want to capture their attention quickly, and make them curious.
You also want a place on your site where people can opt in for more information.
Otherwise once they leave your site they are gone and you have lost that potential business partner or customer.
Then you have a good autoresponder in place to do follow up.
This doesn't exclude you emailing them or calling them yourself.
Your prospect wants to know you are a real live person there to help them.
They have already raised their hand for more information, and these calls are much more rewarding and pleasant to make rather than chasing after people who didn't ask about your business in the first place! Depending on what advertising methods you use, it will take some time to build a large list, and it seldom happens that people join your company immediately, but in the meantime you are building a relationship with them.
The internet has unlimited possibilities for you to build your business, especially if your opportunity is available worldwide.
You can use a service like Skype to make free calls anywhere, so you won't have huge long distance bills.
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