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How to Make an Origami Koma Top

Called a koma in Japanese, the spinning top is one of the oldest toys around, dating back centuries. Spinning tops are readily available for purchase in toy stores, but you can save some money and have fun by experimenting with origami techniques to make your own. Origami is an ancient Japanese craf

Restoring Antique Furniture: Should You?

Before you consider restoring antique furniture, there are a lot of things to consider. Does the piece show signs of quality craftsmanship? Be sure that when you refinish the piece, it won't diminish the furniture's ...

How to Make Flemish Splice Bow String

A Flemish splice is a method of twisting an archery bowstring that is well-regarded for its integrity, flexibility and ability to keep its shape. Traditionally, forming Flemish bowstrings involved feeding the strings through the network of nails on a complicated jig. You can easily tie a Flemish spl

How to Crochet an Intermediate Blanket

Design a blanket to show off your advancing experience in crochet. Create a patchwork of colors or stitch patterns, recreate a classic quilt square or modernize the geometry of traditional quilt patterns to achieve a design beyond fabric. A pattern based on a log cabin quilt design can be worked in

How to Make a Cosmetic Purse

Make your next cosmetic purse to stash your lipstick, mascara and eyeshadow. If you're making a cosmetic purse for someone else, find out what color yarn to use. This cosmetic purse uses a special cord-like yarn, which is very strong. With this kind of yarn, you won't need to line the purse. To make

What Makes Magnets Stick to a Refrigerator?

Most people understand that metal is attracted to magnets, but few understand why. Fewer still understand how magnetic attraction takes place. When you stick a magnet on your refrigerator, what exactly makes it stick?

How to Make a Click Track Digital Performer

Digital Performer is a digital audio workstation for Mac computers. With it you can record, edit, mix and master your music on a effectively making your computer a mobile recording studio. As is typical for digital audio workstations, Digital Performer has a click track function. The click track is

How to Crochet Baby Layettes Using Red Heart Baby Clouds Super Bulky Yarn

According to Parenting magazine's website, the term "layette" is used to denote every item a baby needs during its first year of life ( Many people use the term more loosely to simply include baby's first articles of clothing and bedding. Whether you're a new mother or you need a gift

How to Hot Patch Inner Tubes

A hot patch is a repair device used to fix holes in rubber items like inner tubes used for swimming, bicycles and other tires. The patch is made of an adhesive composite that's applied to the inner tube through a process called vulcanization. The adhesive is heated and bonds to the rubber material t

How to Fix a Couch if the Thread Came Loose on a Pillow

Some fabric repairs are visible no matter how carefully you do them but when a thread pulls loose, the repair can be completely invisible. Some covers have zippers and are removable. You can repair them on a sewing machine. If the cover does not have a zipper, you will need a special curved needle,

How to Make Tapered Grubby Candles

Grubby taper candles complement primitive and country style decorating. Unlike regular candles with a smooth outer surface, these candles have a bumpy surface made by adding additional wax and fragrant ingredients to the surface. Hanging from a rack, placed in a candle holder or tied together with h

How to Build Your Own Jewelry Settings

Jewelry stone settings, which are also called bezels, are small metal parts used to secure a stone to a ring, pendant or other jewelry piece. Settings can be created for any size or shape of stone out of any metal material. The simplest type of jewelry setting is used for cabochons, which are gems w

How to Paint Reverse-Painted Lampshades

Reverse-painted lampshades were developed in the early 20th century. On reverse-painted lampshades, artistic scenes are hand-painted on the inside of a translucent glass lampshade. The painted images are viewed when illuminated by the lamp. Reverse-painted lampshades were originally made for wealth

Projects With Plastic Containers

Recycling plastic has become a common practice in the 21st century, but tossing your plastic jars and bottles into the recycling bin is not the only way to recycle. With a little creativity and some time, you can keep old plastic containers in your home by finding a new use for the containers, creat

How to Make a Red Rose Bridal Bouquet

Brides often have particular tastes when it comes to the flowers for their wedding bouquets. Some carry only one flower while others prefer bunches of flowers that trail elegantly from their hands to the ground. Whatever your wedding bouquet style, you can’t go wrong with red roses. Not only a

How to Embroider Eyes and Mouth on a Yarn Doll

Yarn dolls are quick, simple toys to make and are ideal gifts to pop into charity shoe boxes. Larger, tightly wound yarn dolls are robust enough to withstand children's games, and small yarn dolls make pretty and unusual decorations when hung from the branches of a Christmas tree.

How to Do Cable Knitting With Two Colors

Cable knitting with two colors involves a technique known as intarsia. The cable is knit in one color, while the background is knit in another color, making the cables pop even more and stand out from the background. Usually cables are knit in a solid color of yarn. With this technique, you can knit

How to Finish Off a Rag Quilt

The perfect weekend project, rag quilts make great gifts for kids and adults alike. Rag quilts are fun not just because of their rustic charm, but because they are so easy to make. In fact, rag quilts are the easiest type of quilts to finish. You won't have to spend time sewing long, painstakingly m