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Breach of Credit Card Agreement

When you swipe your credit card at the supermarket, you are taking out a short-term loan to pay for your groceries. Some debtors don't realize this and think that they can avoid paying credit card debt if they cannot afford it. If you don't pay your bill, however, you are considered to have default

Effective Methods For Credit Repair

Are you in a financial fix? The leading financial institutions are denying you a loan, credit card and other benefits because of a low credit score? This is disheartening as your financial wellbeing is at stake. Have you heard of credit repair? If not it is high time you research about the same.

Save Money By Not Spending Money

In life, there are things that you have to spend money on and there are some things that you can go by without spending money for. Lots of people are constantly bemoaning the fact that no matter what they do, they just cannot seem to save money.

Do You Have 0 APR?

Have you ever tried to apply for a credit card? If you do, then you have definitely encountered the term APR. APR stands for Annual Percentage Rate. The Annual Percentage Rate is the total amount of interest rate that a person pays every year. It is the aggregate amount of monthly interests that you

How to Add Funds to a Liberty Reserve Credit Card

Liberty Reserve was set up in 1999 and was first introduced to the general public in 2004. In 2006, it was acquired by Liberty Reserve S.A., based in Costa Rica and, according to its website, is one of the largest payment processor and money transfer systems. However, it does not act as a traditiona

Ever Hear About the Alternative Credit Bureau?

You know about the "Big 3" - TransUnion, Experian, and Equifax. And you know that most lenders look to them for FICO scores before deciding if they'll extend credit to you.Of course, this can be a problem.

Credit Debt Fighters - Tips to Gain Leverage Over Financial Institutions

For many years, credit card companies and the financial institutions were earning profits by issuing the unsecured debts to numerous consumers. They advertise in such a way that people are attracted towards the new products and choose these products without searching for relevant information about t

Bad credit mortgage refinance in Texas

Bad Credit Mortgage Bad credit mortgage loans are on the rise. Bad credit borrowers pay a heavy price for the loans granted to compensate the risk factor involved. In addition to the high interest rates ...

Eliminate Credit Card Debt - Get You Life Back!

If the mounting interest bills have started intimidating you, it's time you eliminate credit card debt to live in peace. Today, due to the easy availability of credit cards and instant approval of consumer loans, many people end up borrowing more than 3-5 times their salary and subsequently rea

Frequently Flying With The Business JetBlue From American Express

The Business JetBlue from American Express is a joint venture of JetBlue Airlines and the American Express. It is convenient for you if you frequently fly on the JetBlue Airways, and would like to earn rewards, which are compatible with your current TrueBlue points.

How to Remove a Judgment

Credit score report or credit history is the most important thing when you interact with financial institutions. The modern age has involved all of us to be a part of financial environment.

Finding the Best Business Credit Card Offers

Are you familiar with the different types of business credit cards that are available? Business credit cards are quite similar to personal credit cards, but they also have their own unique functions as well.

Can Your Employer Garnish Your Wages for a Company Phone Bill?

Workers commonly use their employer's phone at work for various reasons. Some employees may be required to use the phone to conduct business, while others may be allowed to use the phone for personal business, or for a combination of the two. While employment law varies between states, employers are

The Benefits of Invoice Discounting for Businesses

It is a well known fact that the struggle for access to finance remains one of the leading causes of worry for small businesses. The memory of SMEs being championed in George Osborne's Autumn Statement as the driving force of the economy still lingers and yet the concern of access to funding is

Know Your Score - Part IX

A recent client was hoping to buy her first home. She was as anxious as just about everyone else is when it comes time to buy the first or the ultimate dream home.She is in her early 40's and 12 years in her current job. Earns good money (average middle class income) but no credit report. What

Wireless Broadband - It' s Not All The Same!

Comparing different wireless broadband prices and offers just makes good common sense. It's important to know that you gave the right value is the right price. Speaking with the broadband service just because you've had it for a number of years

Credit Cards With No APR

Anyone with credit card debt knows the importance of the APR, or annual percentage rate. This rate determines how much interest you pay on your debt, and ultimately affects how long it takes you to pay off your cards. Getting a card with a low APR is key. For those with good credit, there are even c

Low Apr Credit Card The Greatest Bait

Low Apr credit card offers are highly beneficial if handled with caution. You need to make a double check on the period for which low Apr is available and the percentage of interest after the offer period etc. You need to find out whether you have to pay any additional fee to avail low Apr credit ca