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How to Check for Liens and Levies

Liens and levies represent claims for debts, tax claims and other judgments filed against the title of a property. Generally, the primary mortgage will be the first lien, and all others will be satisfied after the mortgage. If you're buying a property through a realtor, the title company's job is to

Do Annuity Subaccounts Pay Dividends?

While fixed rate annuities require a policyholder to pay a flat premium every month to an insurance company to receive regular payments or a lump sum payment at a future date, variable-rate annuities allow a policyholder to choose how his insurance company invests his premiums, according to the U.S.

How you can gain extra earnings?

Due to the last year crisis, people are today looking to get additional income to ensure that lifestyle could be on a good degree. One of many trusted ways of getting extra cash is playing on the fore

ES, NQ, YM - Which Emini Contract Should You Trade?

There are a multitude of futures contracts available to trade, and choosing the proper contract is a matter of great importance. Each contract has a distinct personality and pattern of price action. It is little wonder that novice trader bounce from futures contract to futures contract trying to fin

CFD Trading - What Is It and Where Can You Trade?

CFDs are one of the fastest growing forms of derivative trading across the globe. Their popularity has been sparked by increased awareness surrounding the many exciting benefits that are available over other, more traditional forms of investment. Contracts For Difference allow the trader to speculat

Wholesaling Real Estate and Getting the Deal Done

Wholesaling real estate involves getting a property under contract for the lowest possible price. This typically takes into consideration, approximately 60-70% under the market value for the property when it's totally fixed (ARV), minus repair ...

Day Trading Hot Tip - The One Thing You Must Know For Long Term Success

Imagine having the confidence to trade at the right level of position sizing and knowing that even after a couple of losing trades in a row that your edge is still right on target in the markets. Professional Day Traders know this one tool, this one strategy that is critical to their long term succe

The Basics of Stock Trading

When you listen to the phrase stock trading, at once you have preconceived notions of people in crisp suits and ties in a boisterous frenzy, on Wall Street, arguing, yelling and bickering with each other. ...

Online Day Trading Made Simple

With the creation of the Internet it brought about many changes at how we handle our daily lives, and manage our personal business. We can do a lot of things on the Internet these days ...

The Nasdaq Explained

The NASDAQ is an electronic stock exchange.It is very innovative.

The Importance of Saving For Retirement

Saving for retirement is often one of the biggest challenges that we have to take. Saving for when we are too old to work is essential if we want to live an easier life when that time comes. Sadly though, not all of us make the best decisions when it comes to saving and this is why we have to be ver

Softening Commodities Ahead

This week we look at the recent press generated by Louise Yamada's technical analysis of the Continuous Commodity Index. There is more than one way to arrive at the same conclusion. I discuss how we arrived at the same conclusion while taking completely different paths to get there.


$65 MILLION DOLLAR PROJECT UNDERWAY IN GRENADA St. George's - Peter De Savary a well-known investor announced his plans to rebuild the Islander Hotel as part of a sixty-five million dollar project catering to an ...

How Hard Money Lenders Are Made

Hard money lenders [] can be anybody who's looking for a potential investment in real estate. One should be willing to brave the shaky market and take risks. In this article, we will share with ...

How much to invest in gold and silver?

How much gold should i own? How much to invest in precious metals?I think a small amount of gold, silver and other precious metals can be a very good asset in the average investor's portfolio

Achieve Your Investing Goals

It is that time of year again when we decide to set forth New Year's resolutions or goals, many of which have to do with our dreams.If one of your dreams is to change your financial future, then those resolutions and goals are crucial to accomplishing those dreams.Therefore, strive hard not to

How to Find Stocks That Pay Dividends

Stock dividends can be attractive as a source of steady income, while you still get to retain the stock shares for further returns. There is also a perception that companies which can afford to pay dividends are generally more stable. The best way to find stocks that pay good dividends is to do your