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Intel Gifts World Open Source Fcoe

Intel has formally launched its Open FCoE application stack, according to the native OS Fibre Channel Above Ethernet project it initial open sourced in 2007.

Trouble - Free Solutions For Hp Laptop Repair

HP Laptops have carved a niche in the market today. A lot of people look up to this brand of laptops for office as well as home purpose. Laptops are but machine, so they are bound to face technical glitches. Certain operational issues or mishandling can cause problems in HP Laptop. In such cases, yo

How to Change the Link Color on Mouse Over

When you design a website, the links on your site will not have any special effects unless you manually add the effects you want to see. You can use special HTML code to add visual interest to your links. Instead of your hyperlinks remaining the same color, you can create a hover (mouse over) effect

How to Install an Intel iMac 20 Inch Logic Board

If you have some experience disassembling electronics, installing a logic board in your 20-inch Intel iMac is not difficult, though it may be tough for beginners at hardware repair. iMacs are very precisely assembled with almost no extra space inside, and all of their components fit in just so. This

How to Sync Favorites in IE

The browser that is native to the Windows operating system is Internet Explorer. However, you can download and install other browsers on the system, and if you prefer, use them instead of Internet Explorer. If you have used another browser extensively, but now wish to use Internet Explorer, you can

Color Laser Printer: A Review of the HP Color LaserJet CP1518ni Printer

I have always admired laser printing, and to have a color laser printer would be an amazing achievement. But like any other consumer, of course I only want to get one that has good quality and long life. After much search, I found the HP Color LaserJet CP1518ni Printer and saw that it had some good

Saving Yourself From Corrupt Data

The corrupt data issue is one that is always likely to affect you at some time in your life. Corrupt data can not only harm the internal drive but it can drive the user crazy with worry about lost files.

How to Copy Boardmaker

Boardmaker is educational software designed for use by educators. The program allows you to create materials and use overlays for non-verbal students. It includes many symbols and pictures to include in materials. If you have Boardmaker and want to create a copy of it on your computer for backup, yo

HP LaserJet P2055d Laser Printer

The HP LaserJet P2055d doesn't do more than print in black and white; but it does that exceedingly fast and with excellent output. While it doesn't come as cheaply as some other laser and LED printers, speed and quality counts for a lot--particularly for home and small businesses. Still, i

How do I Make a Bootable Research Disk for Vista?

Creating a bootable disk for your Windows Vista operating system enables you to research and troubleshoot system files outside of the Vista environment from a full DOS operating system. Utilizing the disk creation features in your Windows Vista operating system, you can create your system boot disk

How to Use Color Toner

Color laser printers can produce excellent quality output for an affordable price, but only if these printers are properly maintained. Part of the normal maintenance on a color printer is checking and changing the toner cartridges, as needed. Whether you use your color laser printer at home or in th

How to Burn a CD as Data Files

Burn data files to CD for archiving, convenient transfer between computers, transfer to media consoles and backup purposes. You can burn digital photos, Microsoft Word documents, PDFs and movies to a CD in data format so you can copy them to a computer without special software. Most CDs can fit betw

How to Pop a Key Back Onto a Dell Laptop Keyboard

Created in the 1980s, Dell is now on the Fortune 500 list and a leader in the field of computers. The Dell Company produces various types of technical equipment, including laptops. If a key comes off the keyboard of a Dell laptop, it can be frustrating--but don't fret: it is easy to fix.

DIY Monitor Cable

The ability to make a do-it-yourself monitor cable on location can save hours of searching for the right cable or days of waiting for one to arrive. Having the tools and parts on hand allows a cable to be custom-made to the desired length, and allows repairs to be performed on cables that have been

The Specifications of an IBM Thinkpad R52

The ThinkPad R52 was a laptop released in 2005, the year in which manufacturer IBM eventually became a subsidiary of Lenovo. The computer was part of the ThinkPad's R-Series, which was geared towards business users.

Compatible Inks for the Epson P50

Color ink cartridges.printer cartridge image by hugy from Fotolia.comTo save money, remanufactured and compatible ink cartridges are an option. Original ink cartridges can be pricey and put you in a pinch if you're not careful. There are compatible ink cartridges for the Epson P50 that...

IBM P Series: A Great Networking Choice for Any Business

IBM products have a great reputation for performance and reliability, and offer a wide array of devices to assist with critical business processes. P Series servers became available in 2000 when the original servers were enhanced and renamed. Since that time these servers have continued to advance.