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How to Repair a Chkdsk Error

On Windows systems, "chkdsk errors" result from problems with a hard disk or the operating system registry, and if not remedied, may cause severe issues down the road. Fortunately, there are many tools to analyze and repair such problems quickly. Some of these tools are built into Windows while othe

How to Shut off System Restore in Windows XP

The System Restore feature of Windows XP creates restore points at certain time intervals (or you can set them manually), which can be reverted to if the operating system encounters problems. If you have installed new software and experienced slowdowns you can bring the whole system back to the prev

Vista SP2 Update Problems

Vista service packs contain a compilation of new and previously released hotfixes, or patches, that improve the operating of an OS. Windows Vista's latest service pack is Service Pack 2 (SP2). Certain applications and settings can prevent SP2 from installing to a system.

How to Install Static Cling Window Film

Windows give you a view to the world outside your home or office. Unfortunately, windows work both ways. They let people outside see into your buildings. Windows also let in ultraviolet rays and heat from the sun. To protect your privacy, your home's energy efficiency, and your UV-sensitive belongin

How to Enable a Webcam on an ASUS

The webcam included on the display of your Asus computer allows you to record videos and pictures to your desktop. You can also video conference with friends and family. While the webcam is native to the computer, Asus does not include software to manage the functions of the hardware. Windows includ

How to Look Up the DNS Server on Windows Vista

The Domain Name System was invented so that people no longer had to keep track of IP addresses when trying to connect to different resources on the Internet. DNS works like a phone book by looking up names and converting them to numbers. All computers must be configured with at least one DNS server

How to Turn on Windows Registry Tools

The Windows Registry Editor allows the user to add, remove or modify important system and program settings. For safety, the Registry Editor can be disabled via an option in the Group Policy screen, but this may make it hard to perform maintenance or make modifications to programs. To re-enable the R

How to Use a TV Remote on Windows Vista

Windows Media Center allows you to use a TV remote control to navigate menus and play movies and songs without a bulky keyboard or annoying wires. Not all remotes will work with Windows Media Center; the remote must have a certification, usually found on the packaging or in the user manual of the pr

How to Compare Current Settings in Snap-In

The Microsoft Management Console, or MMC, is used to control snap-ins in the Microsoft operating system. A snap-in is a modular program or part of a program that functions as a component of another program. The MMC contains numerous snap-ins that work to keep Windows running smoothly and administrat

How to Record Through a Headset and Sound Card

For many, the idea of a recording studio conjures up the image of a large, padded room with complicated machinery. But the truth is that your home computer can become an affordable digital recording studio with the right equipment. Most computers come with built in sound card that is perfect for bas

How to Get Rid of Microsoft Updates That Are Not Needed

Windows computers enables you to download updates from the Microsoft server. The updates vary in function. Some of them repair security issues, while others improve hardware functions. Occasionally, some Microsoft updates may affect some of your programs and cause them to freeze or crash. This espec

How to Fix My XP Connections Tray

Microsoft Windows XP provides the user with immediate network status feedback by displaying network connection icons in the taskbar notification area, also referred to as the "Connection Tray" or "System Tray," that appear as two monitors when online and two monitors with a red "X" over them when of

How to Remove Windows Validation Icons

Until you input your Windows product key into the Windows "Validation" command prompt, you will continue to receive updates on your desktop by default. These updates remind you that your copy of Windows has yet to be officially validated using an Internet connection by Microsoft. If you want to remo

How to Access the XP Product Key

You cannot re-install Windows XP when there is a serious system failure or hardware error or initiate the Windows installation process without a valid product key. A validated product key also helps verify if your Microsoft product is genuine. You can manually access a product key for Microsoft Wind

How to Change IP Address in Windows XP

If two computers on your network have the same IP address, it causes an IP address conflict. An IP address conflict on a Windows XP computer can prevent the computer from receiving network data and connecting to network resources. To correct this problem, you have to assign a new IP address to the W

How to Set a Custom ToolTip in a DataGridView Column

Adding custom ToolTips in cells for a DataGridView column using Visual Basic can help you communicate more information about a particular cell to users such as providing an alternate description of the cell contents. A DataGridView control displays data in a tabular format similar to a relational da

How to Remove Old Information Saved From Windows

Windows will automatically save information to your computer as you change operating systems. When you upgrade or even reinstall, Windows will retain all the files for the previous system in a folder called "Windows.old." This comes in handy if for some reason you need to revert to the older progra

Instructions to Remove Trojan Zlob

Zlob is a common backdoor trojan that affects the Windows operating system. The Zlob trojan downloads additional malware onto your computer, including SpyShredder, WinAntiVirus Pro 2007, Ultimate Cleaner and SecurePCCleaner. Moreover, the Zlob trojan slows your computer, reduces your available syste

How to Get an Early Version of Family Tree Maker

Family Tree Maker is a very popular form of family history software and is produced by the family history website This genealogy software is a convenient way to keep family trees together and preserve photographs or certificates. A number of versions of this software exist so that it c