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What Is Microsoft Office Live Add-In?

Microsoft Office Live Add-In is a Web-based tool that integrates workspaces remotely, allowing rapid storing and sharing of documents over an Internet connection. Using the service requires you to sign up for a free account.

The Time is Always Right to Add Live Chat to Website

Live chat facility helps you enhance prospect segmentation and targeting results in increased personalization, targeted relevancy and deeper relationships not just with existing customers but also new


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Microsoft Money is Slow

Microsoft Money is Windows finance management software that aids users in managing finances. It tracks credit cards, mortgages, savings and checking accounts. After saving several dozens files and documents in Microsoft Money, the software starts to lag. However, you can resolve a slow-running Micro


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United States ICD-10 Compliance Delayed Again

It was no April Fool's joke. On the afternoon of April 1st, President Barack Obama signed the temporary Sustainable Growth Rate (SGR) which delays the compliance date of ICD-10 until October

Google Chrome Crash Fix - How To Stop The Crashing For Good

Google Chrome is one of the most advanced Internet Browsers, which is available to anyone for free. The highly sophisticated technology that allows the user to improve their Internet browsing experience is what attracts a lot people to this browser. However it does not come without its fair share of

How to Program Using Visual Basic 6

Visual Basic is the Microsoft-sponsored event-driven programming language. Visual Basic 6 was the next to last version created of the language to support the COM programming model before the release of the .NET programming environment. Visual Basic 6 remains a popular programming language, however,

How to Use Lotus Notes R5 With a Pop Email Account

Lotus Notes is a productivity application that can be used for email, calendar management, Web browsing and as a client for customized Lotus Domino applications. Lotus Notes is a complete messaging and email system when used in conjunction with a Lotus Domino server. Lotus Notes will also work with


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How to Create a PDF With a Scanjet 6200C

Portable Document Format (PDF) is a common file type used to distribute electronic material in a format that may be opened by any user with a PDF reading application. The small file size makes it a good choice for use in scanning documents with scanners, such as the HP Scanjet 6200C. The 6200C is a

Should Your Childcare Management Software Be an Online or a Desktop Client?

It is great in this day and age to be able to have so many choices when it comes to running your business. Tools and software that were only available to powerful companies just a few years ago are now available to anyone who wants them. The people who have gained the most from this are people who r

Requirement of the Best Medical Billing Software

If you are interested in particular billing software just because your doctor friend has recommended it to you then you may regret your decision of investing in that software. It is not necessary that software ...

Crm Software And Hosted Crm Software For Complete Customer Satisfaction

You can always maintain your customers' contact details by installing CRM software and take care of the satisfaction of your customers with the help of hosted CRM software. They are easily available online but try to find a software provider that is similar to your organization.

Mind Map Software - What to Look for in a Good Program Part 1

Choosing the right Mind Map software can be a bit of a minefield if you do not know what you are looking for. There are 9 fundamental features that a good Mind Mapping package must have to get on your candidate list and this article explains what they are.

How to Upgrade QuickBooks With Multiple Users

Quickbooks is a powerful accounting program for small businesses. Because so many users of accounting software have many different people responsible for various aspects of business accounting, Intuit makes it possible for multiple people to be able to use or work on the company's account file at t

How to Make File Types Visible in Windows Explorer

Windows Explorer allows you to easily browse, organize and search folders and files on your hard drive. The default viewing setting hides the file type of common files, removing the letters following the "." at the end of a file name. If you are searching for a file or browsing a folder for specific