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Piano Buying Guide - Another Two Tips

Recently, people have been purchasing pianos through online piano brokers and through eBay. I see major problems with this. If a so-called broker who calls himself a dealer, is selling pianos to consumers and does not have a physical facility or a complete operation with experienced and dedicated pe

How to Play "Slow Ride" on a Recorder

Recorders have eight holes: seven on the front of the instrument, which are played with the first, middle and ring fingers on each hand, plus the right pinkie finger, and a hole on the back meant for the left thumb. The most common tuning for a recorder is in C, or "concert key," meaning there are n

Mozart Effect - Not the Only Game in Town

Give the child the confidence that they need to untapped a new world of experiences and talents.Imagine one note struck upon the piano by them is a melodic concert for him, never heard before.Let him enjoy the moment and the many more that will come, if you just let him.

Learn Guitar at Your Own Pace

Online guitar lessons are a perfect way to allow yourself to learn to play guitar. You can focus on your lesson in the privacy of your own home and never again feel rushed to move on to a lesson you are not prepared for.

How Are Bongo Drums Made?

Bongos are a set of two wooden drums with traditional skin heads that are attached by a wooden block. Although bongo-like drums are found all over the world, including the Middle East and India, the bongo drums are generally considered to be a Cuban instrument brought there from Africa through the s

The 10 Best Karaoke Songs To Sing

Karaoke symbolizes a freedom that hardly any other activities in the field of entertainment can offer. It offers people the courage to come up in front of an unknown audience to sing songs even in the face of potential shame. The selection of music for most karaoke sessions relies on the type of aud

What's Eating the Headroom in Your Mix? (and How to Minimize It)

Headroom is essentially the difference between the peak of the signal and the absolute maximum that the audio system can handle. It's sometimes the case that the final stages of song production are not entirely thought about when mixing and that there is another stage to the process of getting

Is All This DJ Equipment Necessary?

If you're just starting out as a DJ, you might feel overwhelmed by the amount of DJ equipment out there, as well as how expensive it can get. There is a lot of it, but luckily you don't need every bell and whistle you see.

Laura Bryna

View photos taken at the Country Weekly Fashion Show, held at the Hard Rock Cafe on June 6, 2007.

Learn Chords on Piano - Learn the Basics of Piano Chords!

In order to learn chords on the piano, you can either take lessons (whether on-line or with a teacher) which is hands down the best way to learn as you can get exact teaching so your be sure your not getting the wrong idea. Or you can try and learn yourself, unfortunately it will only be sheer luck

Piano Movers

Pianos are very expensive musical instruments. A simple piano costs around $2000 while a Steinway costs up to $8000. Moving a piano requires the expertise that only experienced movers have. A piano is a work of art and must not be treated like any old piece of furniture. The mover should provide ref

Music and Intelligence

Many academics agree that learning and listening to music is highly advantageous for children, regardless of what age. Stories of lullaby's to assist with sleeping, quick tempo music played at parties motivate movement etc. It ...

Songwriting Contest - The Aspects That We Generally Ignore

For all aspiring singers, a song contest is a great way to receive exposure for your songs. A music contest in California offers better opportunities and provides rewards that can help sustain you in your continuing efforts.

Learn Guitar Fast Without Going to a Guitar Coach!

Learning guitar fast is possible - and not so difficult if you have the right principles in place. Why do so many people want to learn guitar but never get around to it? Because they are dabblers. They become slightly interested in guitar playing, buy some expensive guitar, and let it sit in the clo

How To Sing Properly: Pro Tips

A person can't say he's a great singer if he doesn't know how to sing properly. It is very essential for every aspiring singer to look and feel comfortable with what he&

Do You Dare to Dabble in the Double Bass?

Playing a musical instrument is great fun, whether by yourself or in a group such as an orchestra, chamber group or rock band. But there are many instruments to choose. The double bass is one of them. You may need some more information to decide if you dare to dabble in the double bass.

How to Make a Biscuit Box Lap Steel Guitar

Lap steel guitars are simple instruments to make. They are played with a steel bar rather than fretted. The fretboard does not require actual frets. All lap steel players need a visual clue where the frets would be. The guitar body can be made from variety of different materials including wood, ciga