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Marriage Failure - Learn Why Your Marriage is Failing

Marriage failure is so much more common in the 21st century, unfortunately many couples do not stay together and divorces are very common. Fortunately, my newly revealed professional tips will guide you to success with your marriage and make sure that you don't experience marriage failure. Belo

Bring Back The Romance And The Passion To Your Relationship

Do you have that feeling that you and your partner hasn't been the same lately? He's been forgetful and uninterested and you're wondering why. Is he having an affair or maybe he doesn't love you anymore? You see it's not always easy to maintain a loving romantic relationship

Falling In Love Again With Your Spouse

Me and my sweetest wife are each others heart and soul. We just cannot imagine our life without each other. In short, we are the best friends who share anything and everything without any forethought or second thought. I mean, its so wonderful to fall in love with the same person again and again. Yo

Consequences of Divorce on Children - Reduce the Effects of Your Divorce on Kids

When a couple decide to divorce and have children they need to consider what effect this will have on them.Although children may not show any signs initially that they are having problems with their parents divorcing they can certainly be affected by the consequences of divorce later on in their liv

Treat Yourself With Fun Costumes For Your Hen Night

Hen nights are very special for any bride-to-be. Usually, they are celebrated a night before the great event, the wedding itself, and they mark the transition from the status of bachelorette to that of a married woman. A hen party is given with the purpose of leaving behind the habits connected to y

Dating Do'S And Don'Ts After The Divorce

So you're going to be free again. And the thought of dating makes your legs go weak. Read this article and go forward knowing what you need to know.

True Love

Being in love is such a wonderful experience. We strive each day to feel real love, missing the point that love is not a feeling but a decision. Those we love or want to love are those who listen to us carefully.

The Other Type of Love

Love doesn't always appear as kind, gentle, caring from another. Sometimes it's just the opposite. But it's still love... and a form of love that's greater than the nice-nice kind. Find out how what appears to be anything but love is actually the greatest form of it.

Divorce - When You Bring More Than Love to the Marriage

There are scads of books on the market and many gurus who will offer advice for what to do when divorce looms as a possibility in your life. Most of this advice is geared toward the divorces of couples who came into their marriages as equals: neither had any money and most had significant educationa

Stop Blaming Yourself For Your Husband's Cheating!

Enough already! It's time to stop the insanity of blaming yourself for your husband's cheating. Hindsight is an amazing thing. Armed with the knowledge of what happened you are able to step back in time ...

7 Tips For Proposing

Are you nervous about proposing? That's OK. Here's 7 tips for proposing to your girlfriend.

Jeremiah's Rose

The breeze blew cool upon my face, and I paused to inhale the silence that moved among the late day shadows, to smell the sweetness of the clover from the nearby field. Spiky blades of grass poked at my bare legs and tickled my wrists as I lay next to the rich earth.

Guide to Save Your Marriage

Is your marriage on the brink of divorce? In certain situations divorce may be unavoidable especially when both partners anger has turned to resentment and ending in hatred. If the once strong, vibran