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How to Send Invitations For a Premiere

Invitations to a film or theater premiere are for a special occasion and should be considered a formal correspondence. The guests should also be connected to the event directly as either an employee, investor or producer of the event. The guest list should also include stakeholders in the production

Engagement Party Present Ideas

Celebrate an engagement party by bringing a sweet present for the happy couple.Engagement Ring image by Kimberly Barton from <a href=''></a>An engagement is a cause for celebration. If you've been invited to a friend's engagement party, you'll...

Invitation Ideas for a Twin Baby Shower

Planning a baby shower for the mom-to-be in your life is always an honor. This is even more special if she's expecting twins. Try to coordinate the theme of your shower with the nursery theme or go out on your own. If you know the sexes of the babies, use "boy" or "girl" themes. If there will be one

Western Theme Decorations

Western-themed parties are as enjoyable for adults as they are for children. Nearly every little boy or girl dreamed of becoming a cowboy or cowgirl, and a Western party lets them live out their fantasies. Western theme decorations pull the party together and ensure that guests know the theme from t

6 Ways To Re-Wear A Bridesmaid Dress

Although, bridesmaid dresses are usually of high quality, many people don't wear them after the wedding. This is because they deem them inappropriate to wear. If you have been a bridesmaid and you still have your dress you shouldn't shove it into the back of the closet. Here are ways in wh

Gift Bag Ideas for Men

Lotions, perfumes, stationery and chocolate are classic favorites inside gift bags for women. Gift bags are popular for holidays and parties; however, it seems that creating a gift bag that men will enjoy can be a challenge. Fortunately, the pesky problem of finding a good gift for a male gift bag i

How to Print Wedding Reception Menus

Printed wedding menus add a measure of class to the table setting and help bring the overall themes from your invitation into the reception hall. Decide how you want to display the reception menu before you print your menu cards. If you want to display the menu in the center of the plate, you have a

Not Your Mother's Registry - 5 Top Modern Wedding Registry Trends

Gone are the days of a gift registry filled with old-fashioned items such as china, crystal and ornate linens that most likely will only be used on special occasions. A modern bridal registry is more likely to include wedding gifts that will fit the couple's current lifestyles and enhance their

Wedding Ceremonies in Spain

Preparing for a wedding is always a time of great joy and also great stress.This article includes some tips that would apply to preparing for a marriage anywhere in the world, but is specifically abou

Creative Children's Party Favor Ideas

Party favors are one of the best ways to remind guests of the enjoyable time they had at a celebration. If you're planning a party for your little one, crafty and inventive items can result in favors that every young party-goer will love--you can even include some educational themes in...

Why Handmade Invitations Are Becoming More Popular

Sending out handmade wedding invitations gives the bridal couple the opportunity to treat their guests to a totally unique and one-of-a-kind invite. A once-in-a-lifetime affair, every bridal couple takes great pains to make sure everything is just picture-perfect on their wedding day.

50th Birthday Ideas & Party Favors

The 50th birthday is a milestone and the party for it should mark the occasion in a fun and age-appropriate way. If a proper theme and favor is chosen, a 50th birthday party can be an unforgettable event.

A Guide to Good Groomsmen Gifts

Groomsmen are essential to any wedding party, and there's no better way to show your gratitude than to give them a gift. Traditionally, groomsmen are given their gifts at the rehearsal dinner and are something ...

Choosing Your Bridesmaid Dresses With Care

It's important that you choose the right type of dress for your bridesmaids. Here are some tips that might help you out in choosing your bridesmaid dresses.

How to Build a Temporary Wedding Tent

Whether your wedding ceremony or reception takes place in your own backyard, on the beach or at the park, a temporary wedding tent provides a romantic backdrop. The tent also provides shelter from harsh sun and light rains. Building supplies are available at your local home improvement and fabric st

How to Do School Carnivals

A school carnival is an excellent way to raise money for a school and give teachers, students and their families an opportunity to take a break from the school day and have a little fun. However, planning a successful carnival is a daunting task and you will need to create a strong and detailed blue

Weddings Abroad - Pros and Cons

Your entire life you've dreamed of having a wedding that was unique; something that people would remember for a lifetime.And all your friends and family have used up all the great venues and ideas in your local area.So what do you do?Have a wedding abroad; to a destination far, far away.But is

Proper Wedding Attire

Figuring out what to wear in certain social situations can be daunting. From a job interview to a first date to a casual dinner, the reality of overdressing or underdressing for the occasion is very real. Luckily, there are several general rules that can help brides, grooms and their guests figure o