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Blocked Poncho

Colorblocking was one of the trends for Fall 2010 on the runway.

How Circle Contact Lenses Work

Circle Contact LensesCircle contact lenses, which are also known as big-eye circle contact lenses, are contacts specifically for making the iris of the wearer appear larger than it is. It is a special contact lens that is more for aesthetic and cosmetic purposes than for medical...

Naked Medusa Pinup Tattoo

Sci-fi and fantasy tattoo photos, which includes aliens, dragons, fairies, unicorns, gargoyles, wizards, witches, robots, phoenixes, and other mystical creatures.

How to Choose Shoes for a Wide Foot

Since most shoe stores stock shoes in a "B" width, wide feet for both men and women is defined as a size "C" or wider. You may have wide feet for many reasons. You may have inherited them from your parents or the wideness may have resulted from an injury. Many people have a wide foot due to toe def

Top 3 Food Secrets For Beautiful Skin

These are my three tips every woman needs to know to have healthy, glowing, beautiful skin natually, by protecting, renewing and nourishing the skin through the foods that we eat. By using these tips you could save hundreds, maybe even thousands of dollars in treatments, creams or even surgery.

Humidity Treatment for Hair

High humidity tends to bring out the worst in hair's natural texture. Moisture doesn't cause the hair to frizz, it brings out the natural frizziness or damaged texture of the hair shaft.

Bright Green Suit and Knit Waist Coat

Much less serious than its fall 2009 collection is G-Star's fall 2010 line-up. It is fun, whimsical and unexpected. Amazing tailored pieces in bright yellow, green and cobalt replace the more subdued hues seen in other fall collections. Even the knits are churned out in these bright hues. Desig

Cosmetic ProductsBuy Safe

The increased count of cosmetic brands entering the market is the effect that has arisen from the need to have beauty products. The cosmetic industry features many illustrative and remarkable cosmetic brands that have their own qualities and specializations for beauty products.

How to Clean a Dooney & Bourke Purse

Dooney & Bourke purses are high-quality bags made to resist most stains, but what should you do when your lipstick comes uncapped in your vintage Cabriolet bag, or your toddler takes a crayon to your new purse? The answer lies in which sort of bag you have.All-weather leather bags are the stur

Why Is It Important to Take Accurate Body Measurements in Tailoring?

Having a tailored suit or dress requires you to stand still and let the tailor take body measurements. It is one of the most important steps of making a custom-made suit or dress, and tailors pay attention to every small detail (or centimeter on this occasion). Despite it seeming an obvious necessit

How to Contour a Face

Contouring your face sounds like an intimidating makeup trick that should be left to the professionals. Contouring and highlighting your face can provide you with the power to sculpt your cheekbones, shorten your nose, and even slim your face. This may sound like magic, but with the right tools, kno

Flawed But Fantastic With Becca Cosmetics

Before Becca Cosmetics, there was Rebecca Morrice Williams; and before the brand, there was this woman who believed skin should be amazing, regardless of one's age, status, and ethnicity. Williams' quest for the perfect finish began when she worked as a makeup artist.

Fix Your Face: Plastic Surgery

Facial plastic surgery is one of the most prevalent forms of cosmetic surgery. Though a multitude of women opt for facial surgery, even men are not lagging in the race for beauty and superb looks.

New Trends Of Handbag

As your knowledge about handbag trends seem continues to update every day, you will begin to see how handbag trends fits into the overall scheme of things. Knowing how something relates to the rest of the world is important too.