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When Does Homemade Canned Jelly Spoil?

Making homemade jelly is a labor of love that produces results far superior to store-bought varieties. After all the work, nothing is worse than having a jar of your special jelly go bad before you finish eating it. While many jellies will hold up for months without refrigeration, others begin ferme

Fresh Lobster Delight

Due to the fact that a fresh lobster caught in the province of Maine is becoming very popular, a special action has been taken by the local government for the protection of certain lobster-growing zones to help keep them from becoming extinct. There are now allotted size limits on lobsters allowed f

Delicious Food For Any Occasion From a Specialist Caterer

Whenever we hold an occasion, we can become bogged down in ensuring everything is perfect right down to the last detail. One thing that you shouldn't have to worry about is the food, and by choosing a caterer of Milton Keynes, you now no longer have to.

What Meat Goes Well With Boiled Cabbage?

Boiled cabbage is a traditional side dish found in Eastern European, Irish and Southern American foodways. It has a reputation as a sulphurous, smelly sort of dish but if you keep the cabbage at a low simmer rather than a vigorous boil, it's not so bad. After boiling, the tough and fibrous cabbage l

Italian Cuisine - Cooking in Italy

A deliciously assembled explanation of Italian cuisine. For cooks or people who are simply interested in studying the wonders of Italian food.

The Interesting Potentials of Tocino

Tocino, also known as sweet cured pork, is regarded as a possible counterpart for bacon which is prepared in other countries such as the United States. Some people even consider this as a good substitute for ham. This is usually made of pork belly.

How to Avoid Drinking Amounts That Will Affect Your Judgment

Though alcohol can make one feel more sociable and relaxed, it can also lead to continual intake. Too much imbibing can cause a number of issues from alcohol poisoning, general illness and loss of judgment. Consuming alcohol therefore requires self-control and awareness, as the negative connotations

Eating the Blues

Find out some of the health benefits of blue and purple-colored foods.

Recipe For Home Style Meatloaf - Mom's Meatloaf

What brings up more fond memories of dinnertime than sitting down to a serving of your mother's meatloaf? For those who want to revisit that feeling of down home cooking, this recipe will help you reproduce that flavor.

Inside Out Bratwurst Cheddar Soup

This soup is creamy and rich. The flavors of cheddar cheese, beer and sausage combine well to make a hardy meal full of textures and taste. Even if you're not a beer fan, the light flavor balances out the cheese incredibly well and gives the body of the soup depth.

How to Make Sweet Potatoes For Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving would not be complete without sweet potatoes or yams. If you are not from America you may not be familiar with this vegetable. They originally came from South America, where they were native to the land. They are now grown in many other warm regions. They came to our shores long ago by

Options For Your Catering

When it comes to catering, the most important decision to make is what person or company will be handling your order. No matter what the event, you want to make sure that everything goes smoothly, ...

Video: How to Make Sauce for Enchiladas

Video Transcript So we have our empanadas in the oven baking and so while that is baking I would like to make the sauce to go with them. Now remember your empanadas have a little bit of a fattier filling with the potato that is creamy and the fatty chorizo. So what we are going to do...

How To Food and Wine Match With Bordeaux Fine Wines

Learning to food and wine match can be a little daunting for those who haven't done it before. Let's be honest, when having a dinner party or a few friends over for a gossip, deciding which wines go better with the food you're serving tends to slip from most people's thoughts.

Increase Your Energy And Vitality With Green Tea And Ginseng Products

Green tea is one of the most complex herbs used in the pharmaceutical industry; an extremely complex herb, green tea is used in many types of health products and as an antioxidant. It is possible to buy green tea weight loss products from most health shops as a liquid extract to be drunk as ordinary

Ten Kinds of Best Food to Protect Our Heart

Study has found that, there is large amount of cholesterol in the body of the Cretans living in Greece, however, few of them die of heart disease. The reason is because of their long-term intake ...