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How to: Fiberglass Wings

Fairy wings are a part of many fantasy costumes, but store-bought ones are often flimsy and are only available in a variety of shapes. If you want wings that are a customized size and shape, you can make your own out of fiberglass. You will build these wings on a cardboard form, making them very str

How to Make a Civil War Bread Box

U.S. Civil War soldiers received hard bread, also called hard tack or hard crackers, as a regular part of their rations. The U.S. Army shipped the small squares of almost-indestructible bread packed in large wooden boxes, specifying the size and construction in the regulations. After the soldiers em

How to Align a T-Rex 450XL RC Helicopter

Many RC enthusiasts consider the radio-controlled (RC) helicopter to be the most difficult vehicle to navigate. While the complexities of the aircraft's controls make it harder to grasp than more simple models, a proper setup could minimize the learning curve as much as possible. Learning how to pro

How to Engrave a Photo on Wood

Wood engravings are a popular form of artwork at arts and crafts shows. Animals, landscapes and still life drawings are all common subjects for wood engravings. A personalized wood engraving is a niche that would serve a skilled artist well. Photos engraved on wood make custom gifts for all sorts of

How to Make a Vase Out of Wood

Wood vases make great decorations for living rooms, dining tables, kitchens and other areas of a house. However, even a simple wood vase can be expensive. With just a few tools and a block of wood, you can make your own wood vase as a thrifty alternative to buying one. Most of the tools and material

The Operating Principles of an Automatic Transfer Switch

Automatic transfer switches ensure that power is always available.electrical panel switch image by jimcox40 from Fotolia.comAn automatic transfer switch is a device used to reroute power in special circumstances. For example, during a natural catastrophe the public utility power may go...

How to Train a Character in FFXII

Playing and successfully completing Final Fantasy XII (FFXII) requires spending dozens of hours training your characters. This requires defeating a lot of enemies to earn experience, License Points (LP), and Gil. It also entails using your acquired loot to purchase the best equipment, purchase power

What Metals Are Coal Chisels Made Of?

The "coal chisel" is properly known as the "cold chisel."cold chisel image by Aleksandr Ugorenkov from Fotolia.comThe misnomer "coal chisel" is often given to the metalworking chisel properly known as a "cold chisel." The name comes from its use as a cutting or scraping chisel used on...

Woodworking Shop Tips

Whether you want to build a home shop for personal woodworking or a commercial shop for woodworking instruction, you'll want to address safety issues, workspace and storage of supplies. Setting up a woodworking shop isn't difficult with a little forethought and planning. Here are some strategies for

Places to Cut Wood

Cut your wood at hardware stores, lumberyards or at home.wood image by Marvin Gerste from Fotolia.comThere are many places where woodworkers can go to cut wood, or have it cut for them. While some can cut smaller pieces of wood and planks indoors while working on the project, others stick...

How to Convert a Dishwasher Outlet

The power cord for older automatic dishwashers may be spliced directly into the household electrical wiring with a cable routed under the kitchen cabinets adjacent to the appliance. Newer dishwashers have a standard, three-prong, 120-volt plug on the end of the electrical cable that plugs into a wal

How to Install a Curved Telescope Spider

A telescope spider holds the secondary mirror in place in Newtonian, Newtonian Dobson and Cassegrain reflector telescopes. Spider mounts with curved arms are often used in reflector telescopes as they reduce the effect of diffraction on the image reaching the eyepiece. Curved spider mounts have one

How to Put Together an RC Slow Stick Airplane

Radio controlled slow stick airplanes are designed for beginners. They are easy to control and simple to build, since they come almost ready to fly (ARF). Unlike a standard RC kit, which needs to have every wing rib and strut cut out and glued together, an ARF comes with the wings and fuselage alrea

How to Learn Fractions Fast

Learning the concepts behind fractions may seem daunting, but this is essential to your math education. Learn fractions fast by practicing basic skills and creating simple visual lessons. Repetition is key when learning any new material in a short period of time, so set aside an afternoon to rehears

How to Make a Tornado With Water Bottles

If you are putting together a science project featuring weather patterns and climate distinctions, you can make it more exciting by including a hands-on experiment. Make a model of a tornado using materials that can be found around a kitchen, like water bottles and food coloring. Once the tornado mo

How to Read a Sextant Vernier

Sextants are marine instruments used to calculate the angle between two objects. They're used for celestial navigation. John Bird created the first sextant in 1759. Since that time the instrument has been continually improved and is still used today. A vernier sextant has a second dial -- the vernie

The Types of Spirilla Bacteria

Spirilla are a group of bacteria characterized by their spiral or corkscrew type shape. Spirilla are gram-negative aerobic heterotrophic bacteria. They usually prefer an aquatic environment where the oxygen level is below that in the atmosphere. They have a rigid cell wall and use flagella (a long,

Moon Snail Facts

Moon snails are predatory sea snails belonging to the Naticid family of mollusks. There are between 260 and 300 species of moon snails worldwide in a wide variety of sizes. The shells of moon snails often wash up on beaches and are identified by their characteristic large and round shape and often b

Safety Measures Against Radiation Hazards

Thousands of people work with radiation and radioactive materials every day. Radiation can be handled safely, given the right tools and training. Be aware of the effects of time, distance and shielding against radiation. Exposure must be carefully monitored.