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What Are the Merits and Demerits of an Air Conditioner?

The air conditioner has become a necessity in today's world instead of a luxury like before. Yes, it has its uses and advantages especially during those hot summer days where the fan simply doesn't work.

LG Refrigerator - Design and Energy Efficiency in Refrigerator Appliances

The invention of the refrigerator has allowed the modern family to purchase, store, freeze, prepare and preserve food products in a fresh state for much longer periods of time than was previously possible. The aesthetics and features of kitchen appliances have been constantly improving, like frost-f

Is There a Way to Turn Up the Temperature on an Indoor Central Heat Unit?

A central heat system provides heat to all the rooms in a house or building through a system of duct work and vents. In some instances radiators are used to flow hot water through a series of pipes. A boiler often is the source of the heat where hot water or a series of metal coils is heated and the

How to Care for New Carpet

Carpet is one of the high-dollar purchases that many homeowners make. Because it's time-consuming to choose, and so costly to purchase, you want it to look good and wear well for several years to come. To accomplish this goal, keeping your carpet as clean as possible is a must. Even though carpet is

How to Install a Washing Machine's Water Hose

All washing machines have a hot and a cold water hose. One end of each of these hoses is installed onto the fittings on the washing machine, and the other end is installed on the shut-off valves on the home's water lines. Attaching a hose to a washing machine is a straightforward process, so long as

How to Replace the Fuse in a Panasonic Microwave

Your Panasonic microwave has suddenly died, and you are debating whether you want to purchase a new one or have the old one repaired. Before you do either, you should try replacing the fuse to see if that is the culprit. Panasonic microwaves are infamous for blown fuses. Fuses are a relatively inexp

Information on Natural Gas Heaters

Natural gas heaters burn natural gas, an odorless methane-based fossil fuel extracted from reserves in the earth. The gas, when burned, produces an even flame and heat but no smoke. More than half of the homes in the United States are heated by natural gas heaters, according to U.S. Energy Informati

What Are Solar Shades?

Natural light is a welcome addition to any room, but there's such a thing as too much. Solar shades can add comfort and energy efficiency to a space by reducing glare, keeping the room cooler, preventing sun bleaching and allowing for privacy while preserving the view.

Electronic Pilot Trouble on a KitchenAid Gas Cooktop

KitchenAid ranges and cooktops utilize an electronic ignition system, which is used in place of standing pilot lights to ignite the gas on the burners. The electronic ignition system consists of several igniters, one of which is installed on each burner, and a spark module. If one or more of the ign

Do I Need Shades & Window Film to Keep a House Cool?

Keeping your house cool, especially in the southern climates, can be an expensive proposition. Drapes, shades or window film can help cut down on the sunlight that streams into your rooms, and thus lower the indoor temperature. Perhaps a more attractive way to achieve the same results is by using na

Can a Portable Air Conditioner Be Connected to a Side Sliding Window?

A portable air conditioner (AC) unit is capable of fitting into many types of windows, due to its relatively small window installation requirements. The only portable AC component that needs to be installed in a window is the exhaust hose, while the main portion of the unit sits on the ground inside

How to Troubleshoot Dryer Squeaks

A squeaking sound in a dryer can be caused by something simple and easy to resolve or might mean a more serious repair. Sometimes squeaks are caused by vibration of the dryer against another surface or by a loose object in the drum. Other times, some of the dryer components may be wearing out, such

Hotpoint Oven Troubleshooting

Hotpoint, a brand sold by GE Appliances, produces consumer products, including ovens, microwaves, refrigerators and dishwashers. It manufactures different types of ovens, including gas, electric, single and double ovens. GE recommends that you try troubleshooting problems with your oven before you c

How to Connect Wires to a Hot Water Heater Element

For an electrical water heater to work correctly, the heating elements must have electricity provided to them. Wires connected to the thermostat provide the electricity supply. If the wires are connected incorrectly from the thermostat to the element, the element may not heat the water in the tank.

Drinking Water Filters - Do You Really Need One?

Drinking water filters are water purification systems of varying degrees of sophistication that are designed to make tap water safe for drinking and cooking. There is a wide array of these filters, including charcoal and ceramic filters, de-ionization filtration systems, reverse osmosis filters, and

Why Is That One Room Always Hot?

We all have that room in our homes that is either the "hot" room or the "cold" room. We don't really know why it's a different temperature than the rest of the house but we have come to accept it. Perhaps you are closing off one vent to try and get more air to come out

How to Repair an Old House After a Fire

Correcting the damage of a house fire will require that you engage a builder to help assess the damage. Inspect every crevice of the home's foundation, living areas and attic spaces. Never cover up damage, but strive to cut away all damaged wood and other materials before you begin renovation. Use t