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Craft Show Ideas - Stone Cold Profits

You'e heard the age-old adage, 'you can get blood from a stone'.Its used to refer to trying to get money from someone who doesn't have any to give.On the craft show circuit, you can actually make money from stones and lots of it.If you have a creative eye and you can figure out

Tips to Decorate Your Tote

To decorate an ordinary tote is a big project for those who want to be extraordinary in fashion. A unique tote is the best way to present your own tastes and styles. It is quite exciting and intriguing to create a new one by some special ideas.

DIY Paper Lanterns

These lovely paper lanterns can be used as indoor decor as well to light up your front porch. Once can use plain copy paper, rice paper, paper doilies or any other translucent decorative paper of their choice. This article describes how to make 3 different kinds of paper lanterns and can make a good

Fun and Easy Christmas Crafts to Make With Kids

Christmas is one of the best times of the year for children. To make this season even more enjoyable, teach your kids some simple Christmas crafts that they can make and give as presents to their friends!

Through a Child's Eye - Using Fun Art Projects to Connect With Your Child

Psychologists and many other thinkers are beginning to appreciate the complexity at work behind the mind of a young child. Common sense thinking often leads adults to the assumption that children are by far simple creatures who see the world as nothing more than a collection of shapes and colors.

Depression Glass Candy Dishes

A wide variety of depression glass candy dishes are available to the antique collector. Learn more about what to look for when acquiring depression glass candy dishes.

Recalling The Fun Of Model Railroading

A man who once lived in a central Pennsylvania community might have dreamed in his youth about designing model rail roads. His set-up with a large, operating model train sat in a corner of his basement. Using that set-up, he taught his son about the fun of model railroading. He also gave to his olde

Cricut Cartridges - Ideas and Choices

When it comes to arts and crafts, you can never go wrong with Cricut Cartridges. For a good number of years, a lot of aspiring artists have been inspired by the different designs and patterns provided by the cartridges made by Cricut. Everyday, a lot of stores are able to sell a handful of cartridge

Learn street based self defense moves & techniques!

My recommendation is that a combination of learning street based self defense with martial arts styles that originate in different societies and countries could really make your fighting techniques unique. Irregardless of what body shape ...

Chalkboard Crafts

Learn how you can transform ordinary objects into fun chalkboards.

Cookie Jar Memories, Collectors Share!

Many people collect because of their memories and that seems to hold particularly true for cookie jarcollectors. Collectors get started because of a jar their mom or grandmother might have had on the kitchen counter.When they see that jar at a flea market -- a new collector is born!

Police Challenge Coins: Honor Those Who Serve

Police challenge coins are issued to commemorate a special occasion or to remember officers who have been killed in the line of duty. They also help charities linked to improving the general working life of a serving officer. This may include purchasing essential pieces of uniform, improving office

Foxed / Foxing

Foxed / Foxing - - Definition of the Term FOXING - Collectibles Glossary