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How to Cut Veneer Plywood

The process of veneering is not a new one; it was practiced in ancient Egypt, where it was used it to create furniture and cases for mummies. The practice spread next to ancient Rome, China, Greece and the rest of the world. When you work with veneer plywood, it is inevitable that you will need to c

How to Connect a Satellite to a Home Theater TV

A home theater TV simulates the audio of a full surround-sound system when playing source signals recorded in multichannel audio. This conserves room space since you don't need a place to put extra floor speakers or run wiring for them. You'll need either an HDMI or component video cable and an opti

How Do I Set Up Closers for Storm Doors?

A storm door is one of those things people don't notice when it's working properly. On the other hand, a door that slams shut instead of gently closing or that fails to close completely is a real nuisance. Proper set up of the closer at installation time is critical for a storm door that no one will

How to Reset or Re Start Your Water Well After a Power Failure

If you are on a water well and experience a power failure, the pressure switch may be of the type that has to be reset. If you have used water during the time while the power was off and now your water won't come on that may be the problem.

Types of Flat Roofing

Flat roofs are not actually flat but are built on a slight incline to prevent ponding (accumulation of water). Materials used in flat roofing need to be water resistant and watertight. Flat roofs require regular inspection because damage is not visible until there is leak. The five main...

What Do You Use to Clean the Glass on a Copier?

Copiers require regular cleaning and each component involves a different method of cleaning. The glass inside the copier must stay clean to prevent smudges and other problems from appearing on the printed pages.

Bathroom Tile Styles

People often think that tile shopping is simple and easy, and it can be, but certain guidelines should be followed when you choose tile for a particular space. Ensure that the proper tile is being installed in the right space, so that it will not only look good but will also last for a long time.

How to Find an Inexpensive Vanity for the Bathroom

You've decided to remodel your bathroom, and you're on a very stingy budget. There's enough in the kitty to paint the walls, re-glaze the tub and replace the commode. You really want to trash that 1970s vanity that came with the house, but you're doubtful that you can find a good replacement that do

How to Cut the Miter Joint for a Beam

Miter joints can be cut for beams on either the inside or outside of the house. These beams are often used in rafters when building the house's roof. When two beams meet at the top of a house, they form a 90 degree angle. To form that angle, the two beams must each be mitered at 45 degrees. No matte

How to Lay Softwood Floor on Concrete

Softwood flooring (which usually means pine) is generally nailed down, but not always. If you're laying softwood floors over concrete or any other subfloor that can't be nailed, you may be able to glue it down. The surface has to be clean, dry and solid for this to work, and the flooring itself has

Instructions for Step-by-Step Fireplace Construction

Fireplaces can be built in either brick or stone, although the foundations should always be started in brick because it is cheaper and quicker to lay. The fascia and hearth look professional and attractive in dressed, wet-cut stone. Building a fireplace at the foot of an existing chimney breast is p

How to Cut Particle Boards for Countertops

Laminate countertops consist of a thin plastic sheet glued to a thicker base. Since the base is not exposed, it typically consists of multiple sheets of particle board. Particle board is similar to plywood, but thicker. You can purchase pre-cut particle board countertops or you can cut your own for

How to Refinish Worn Spots on Hardwood Floors

Wood floors are not only nice to look at, they are also very durable. Hardwoods are not susceptible to tearing or pulling up like linoleum or vinyl tile floors. However, even the best wood floors are prone to general wear and tear. These areas are very easy to repair and will require very little tim

TrafficMaster Allure Flooring Installation Instructions

TrafficMaster Allure flooring is a specific type of floating floor made of vinyl and meant to mimic natural materials like wood and tile. The vinyl is formed to look like wood or tile. Because it's vinyl, it's moistureproof, unlike wood, and won't break or crack like tile. The vinyl panels fit toget

How to End a Chair Rail

A chair rail is a strip of molding that runs along the top of wainscoting, making a visual divider between the paneling of the wainscoting and the wallpaper or paint on the wall above. If someone pushes a chair against the wall, the chair rail also prevents the back of the chair from scraping the wa

How to Use a Drop Cloth as a Stair Runner

If you are painting the spindles of your staircase, you will need to protect your steps and the varnish on them from splatters and drops of paint. To do this, spread a drop cloth down the staircase. You can purchase drop cloths made specifically for staircases from online vendors or from your local

How to Install Vinyl Flooring in a Mobile Home

Vinyl flooring is a durable and stylish flooring option. It can be used in any type of home, including mobile homes. Vinyl flooring is commonly used in kitchens, hallways, and bathrooms. There is no need to hire a professional to do the job. Save money by doing the work yourself. All you will need

How to Install a Pressed Metal Ceiling

A pressed-metal ceiling adds an incredible design accent to an otherwise unadorned space. The ceiling tiles give dimension, color and a beautiful reflective surface that enhances the appearance of the room. Although the project is time-consuming, the average home or business owner can install a pres

DIY Heat Lights in Bathroom

Installing do-it-yourself - DIY - heats lights in your bathroom is a good way to provide additional warmth for your bathroom during the winter season or just to make the environment more comfortable year-round when exiting the shower. The basic heat lamp assembly is a self-contained unit that includ