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How to Remove Yellow Stains on Linoleum Bathroom Floors

Linoleum bathroom floors are durable and relatively inexpensive. The floors also resist stains, but they are prone to discoloration from rubber. Rugs that contain a rubber backing will leave behind yellow stains that will make the linoleum floor look unpleasant due to the antioxidants in the rubber

How to Clean a Red Stain on Linoleum

Linoleum is a popular, environmentally friendly choice for floors and even counter tops. Linoleum is extremely durable, and lasts for decades. In addition, it is also biodegradable. Many people mistakenly refer to linoleum as vinyl, when the two are actually different products. Stain removal from li

How to Get Enamel Paint Out of Carpet

Enamel paint is typically a durable and common choice for areas that receive high traffic, such as doors and floors. When enamel paint comes into contact with carpet, removing it can be rather difficult. To increase your chance of removal, deal with the paint as soon as possible. The longer the pain

How to Bend Rebar Manually

Rebar (short for "reinforcing bar") is used to reinforce concrete in construction work. Because it's made of steel, rebar expands at roughly the same rate as concrete during temperature changes. Often rebar must be bent to fit specific architectural forms. This can be done with machinery, both indus

How to Make Concrete Stamping Molds

Concrete stamping is a method of impressing an image into the surface of fresh concrete in order to decorate the surface, or to permanently mark the concrete before it cures, relieving the dullness associated with a concrete slab or block. Retail stamps are available in a variety of designs, but you

How to Clean Carpet With a Stanley Steemer Carpet Cleaner

Stanley Steemer is a professional carpet care company that has been established for more than 50 years. A Stanley Steemer is not just a vacuum, but an entire carpet care service. The service includes dirt, stain, soil cleaning, bacteria and virus removal. The cleaning is done with soft, hot water an

How to Remove Water Stains on Windows

Water stains appear on windows when droplets evaporate on the glass surface. Hard water contains magnesium and calcium. These minerals leave behind a white residue stain after water has dried. The sun's rays bake the water stains into the glass, making them difficult to remove. Using an acid-based c

How to Repair Scratches on Raw Wood Floors

Raw wood floors increase the worth of your home, and add warmth and luster to an otherwise ordinary room. Taking care of your floors is relatively simple, but as wood flooring is an organic product, it is prone to wear and tear, and may occasionally need repair.

Uses of Nitrogen As a Green Fertilizer

Nitrogen is one of the three primary nutrients required by plants for optimal growth. Nitrogen is an essential component of all enzymes, proteins, and metabolic processes that are involved in photosynthesis and energy production. It helps plants to achieve rapid growth, increases the...

How to Remove a Highlighter Stain From Jeans

Hitting the books hard to study for exams often means many late nights of work. Getting sleepy comes with the territory. Highlighting important text is easy and convenient using highlighter pens. The dye is more see through than ink pens, but are still composed of a product that soaks into fabric. A

How to Rejuvenate a Prefinished Floor

Prefinished hardwood floors bring instant beauty to the home without the need to apply stain or other protectant to the flooring. The stain on a prefinished floor tends to last for years as long as it is properly maintained with regular cleaning. Over time the finish on your floor may dull and need

Tile Cleaning Methods

Tile can become caked with dirt and soap scum.ceramic tile image by Karin Lau from Fotolia.comTile is a common household surface in bathrooms and kitchens, in part because it is more resistant to moisture than wood and carpet. Tile can, however, become stained with various substances,...

How to Take Cuttings From Bougainvillea

Bougainvillea is a woody vine that will happily climb up a trellis or fence, and is sturdy enough to create a hedge. The plant is hard to miss, because it produces miniature white blooms surrounded by bright pink, papery-looking flowers. If you live in a climate that doesn't freeze at night, you sho

How to Dispose of Old Cooking Grease From a Professional Kitchen

Disposing of grease from a commercial kitchen is an important part of keeping the facility clean and sanitary. Professional plumbers and contractors should install the specialized equipment required for this very important chore, because commercial kitchens must meet local building codes and regulat

How to Clean a Bear Skin Rug

Bear skin rugs add a majestic ruggedness to any woodland-decorated room. However, they can be challenging to clean. Harsh chemical cleaners must be avoided in order to prevent irreversible damage. Luckily you can gently clean your bear rug with items you probably already have in your home.

How to Clean Oil & Vinegar Dressing Stain from a Formica Countertop

Formica is a type of plastic laminate commonly used for countertops, tabletops and flooring in kitchens and bathrooms. The strong surface has a natural stone appearance without the expense of marble, granite or other stone surfaces. Although Formica is easy to clean, it's also easy to damage. Removi

How to Remove Ink From Fabric

Ink can be one of the toughest stains to remove. Because types of ink and different fabrics vary considerably, you may need to use several techniques to remove ink from fabric. If one technique doesn't remove all of the ink, keep trying until you find a technique that works. Act as quickly as possib

Natural Ways to Remove Paper Wasps

Paper wasps can be a nuisance because they often build their nests close to homes, sheds and other human habitations. While not as aggressive as some other types of wasps, they can still do damage by literally chewing away at the wood of your house to make paper for their nests. Still, however, they

How to Clean a Daycare Center

When you operate a daycare center, you quickly realize the amount of germs that become present when children cough, sneeze, spill foods or have other accidents in the facility. This leaves you in need of a cleaning routine that keeps the area safe and clean for all of the children, minimizing bacter

How to Clean a Burnt Cooktop

Pots that boil over and pans that spit grease make some of the toughest cleanups in the kitchen. These messes burn onto the hot stovetop and are difficult to remove. To get your stovetop looking new again, use the right cleaners for the type of stovetop you have. Some are more sensitive to abrasive