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How to Rid a Lawn of Squirrels

Although squirrels look cute and cuddly, they often cause significant chaos in your yard. Squirrels attack gardens for nibbles of vegetables and fruits, eat all of the bird seed in your bird feeders and dig holes in the lawn. Unfortunately, it takes a lot of time and patience to rid your lawn of tre

How to Adjust the Speed for a Honda Self-Propelled Lawn Mower

So many factors influence the way your lawn looks. Homeowners often forget that the speed at which you mow can determine the quality of your cut. Of course, some of us simply want to rush through the once-a-week, Saturday afternoon task, while others resist that temptation and choose to mow slowly.

Cutting Grass the Right Way for Lawn Care

There's a wrong way of doing things, and also the right way. This is the same for mowing your lawn. Lawn mowing is not all about just pushing the mower all over your lawn.

Advice on Lawn Care in Texas

Texas consists of four distinct climatic regions. The Trans-Pecos Mountain area west of the Pecos Valley, the north and northwest plains region, southeast coastal region, and the north-central plains. The grass-growing season ranges from 185 to approximately 300 days per year.

When to Fertilize Roses With Steer Manure?

Steer manure is available in bulk through livestock yards and landscaping firms, as well as bagged at nurseries and garden centers. If you have a few roses, bagged manure is a convenient option. Buy it in bulk if you have a large rose garden, or haul it yourself for free from barns and livestock yar

Outdoor Furniture and Glider-Choosing the Right Outdoor Furniture For Your Home

You will love to relax outside while the weather is breezy and the air is sweet, on your gliders, porch swings, tables especially designed for your patio. Teak wood patio furniture is the most beautiful outdoor furniture you can buy to enjoy those beautiful weather conditions and those lovely romant

What Types of Outdoor Furniture Should I Look For?

There are many styles and designs of outdoor furniture, including aluminum, wrought iron and wood. Before you choose a particular type, look for aspects such as durability, maintenance requirements and weather-resistant materials. It's also important to make sure outdoor furniture is comfortable, es

Black Aluminum Fence - Makes a Great Moon Garden

I love my garden, unfortunately my work schedule changes a lot between nights and days, so half the time I don't get to enjoy the fruits of my labor because I'm sleeping through the sun. If you're a gardener, you can understand how that might be a little frustrating. All I really want

Problems With a Privacy Fence

Privacy fences have both benefits and drawbacks.wooden fence panels image by Robert Ford from Fotolia.comA privacy fence can block noise and give your yard a feeling of security and serenity that is hard to achieve without one. You can enjoy a feeling of solitude in the middle of nearly...

Stacked Stone Wall Ideas

Classic Flagstone Wallstone wall image by MAXFX from Fotolia.comStacked stone walls add architecture and texture to any landscape. Construct a low wall around a garden bed, a retaining wall to hold back sloping terrain or a decorative wall to dress up a plain walkway. Stacked stone walls...

Bird Houses - A Garden Delight - A Wonderful Gift

Bird watching is a wonderful way to enjoy those lazy summer days. By adding bird houses to your garden you will create beautiful scenery that changes each time you glance into your garden. Consider collecting decorative bird houses as a rewarding hobby and a great way to acquire exquisite gifts for

Decorating With Landscaping Rocks

Using landscaping rocks can add style, depth of field and character to any yard or garden. Because they come in so many different shapes, sizes and colors, landscaping rocks can be utilized in a wide variety of ways---from stepping stones, borders and garden paths to walls, benches and fire pits---a

The Difference Between Sideboards & Buffets

Sideboards and buffets are two furniture pieces that serve a purpose beyond serving food. Other than their history and some design elements, the two pieces share many commonalities and interchangeable in their usage. From flea markets and antique shops to custom furniture makers, both pieces are rea

Can You Compost Phone Books?

Adding paper products, such as an old telephone book, to your compost heap helps to reduce household waste. In fact, a telephone book's thin pages compost more quickly than normal paper.

Understanding Dogwood Anthracnose

In many areas of the country including the southern states, dogwood anthracnose has infected flowering dogwoods in forested areas as well as woodlots and landscapes. With proper identification, prevention and control anthracnose damage may be avoided or eradicated.

How Make Cool-Season Grass Plugs

Grass plugs, which are essentially smaller pieces of sod, allow you to make your lawn grow thicker and patch up weak spots. Although you can use grass plugs alone, instead of sod, plugs let you space out the sod pieces farther apart than you would traditional sod and allows the growing grass to fill

Is There a Difference Between a Peony & a Poppy?

Peonies and poppies have several things in common, including colorful flowers and the need for at least a half-day's worth of sunlight, but they are different plants with differing traits. Poppies are members of the Papaver genus, while peonies are of the Paeonia genus. Each flower has its own uniqu

An Introduction to Growing Bonsai Trees

The term bonsai is Japanese and it signifies dwarfed trees in a pot. These types of dwarf trees have been around us for hundreds of years. They're really well known in most parts of the ...

Garden Landscaping in Sussex

Sussex and its abundance of beautiful gardens offer a wide variety of the stunning plant life, flowers and landscapes of this country. Many are available to explore as they are open to the public. Garden landscaping in Sussex has been a popular pastime for many centuries and derives from the rich we