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Can Mobic Affect Your Sleep?

Mobic, also known as Meloxicam, is a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug (NSAID) prescribed to relieve pain and inflammation related to arthritis, says rheumatologist Dr. Tina Bunch. Instructions for this medication should be followed closely due to serious potential side effects, some of which may

The Best Reasons to Quit Smoking

Statistics gathered by the American Heart Association show that more than 46 million people in the United States smoke. A report done by the U.S. Surgeon General shows that smoking is the leading cause of death by cancer. While this is a good reason to quit smoking, there are other factors that may

How To Be Happy: Growth and Goals

Positive Psychology is an area of scientific research that investigates which habits and behaviours enable a human to have a happy life. This article looks at how pursuing goals, achievement and attainment are essential elements of a happy life.

3 Simple Ways to De Stress

Stress can kill you. Learn these three easy ways to de stress and rid your body of any negative stress!

Sports Nutrition & Health

Athletes and other active people need the correct amount of vitamins, minerals, nutrients and calories to maintain and improve their performance. Diet and supplements play a big part in sports nutrition, but it is only the start.

Can the Healing Arts Help Me?

For Centuries the healing properties of herbs have been used all over the world for healing all sorts of diseases; without the extra worry about adverse effects as those found in pharmaceutical or conventional therapies. Carefully researched and validated Natural Home Remedy products have been said

ADHD Prescription Drugs - Why Parents Should "Just Say No"

The use of ADHD prescription drugs for controlling symptoms of hyperactivity, inattention, and impulsivity is quite common. A lot of doctors prescribe it to ADHD patients and a lot of patients agree to the use of prescription medications for ADHD because of its convenience and easy accessibility. Ho

FAQ About EFT Part III

How do I choose the language to use while doing EFT? The standard setup phrase that says "Even though I have this ________, I deeply and completely love and accept myself." is what most of us learn when we are new to EFT. It often works just fine, but not always. Many therapists who use EF

A Trip Through a Happy OCD-Tendency Mind

I could almost see myself doing it but could not stop. It was like part of me knew it was wrong and illogical and part of me was enchanted by some wicked spell cast by an evil witch from which there was no escape. I was a prisoner locked in my mind. The same thing; over and over again; every day.

How Much Responsibility Should We Take For Our Health?

We each are responsible for our own health. If we do not look after it then nobody else will - not our parents, our partner or our doctor. Many of us go through life without taking full responsibility for our health. We drift along until something goes wrong and expect our doctor to fix it up.

The Nine Habits of Highly Healthy People

We don't yet have the perfect formula for long life, happiness, and physical health, but a little careful distillation of the massive amount of research on health and longevity reveals that cultivating nine basic habits will significantly increase the odds of your living long, well, and happily

What A Good Mentor Can Do For Your Mental Health

I once heard someone say 'there is no need to re-invent the wheel' and now I understand what he meant. A good mentor who has achieved goals that you want to reach can be a valuable tool, especially as your support team when struggling mentally in life and need a 'pick me up.'

Grandparents Growing Their Grandchildren

The 2000 U.S. Census reports that there were close to 2 1/2 million households with grandparents raising their grandchildren, and it is likely that the number has increased substantially in the past seven years.

Relief From Anxiety And Stress

That heightened sense of arousal; the prickly feeling on your skin; the unnerving feeling of being watched; an inability to sit without fidgeting. These are just some of the many signs of anxiety and stress. ...

Signs and Symptoms of Mental Illness in Teens

With teen suicide the third leading cause of death in young adults ages 15 to 24 in 2009, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, recognizing the warning signs of mental illness, including depression, schizophrenia, substance abuse, bipolar disorder and eating issues,...

Omega-3s May Protect Against Psychosis

Omega-3 supplements may help protect young people at a high risk of schizophrenia from getting the condition, according to a small study.