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Ways Of Avoiding Stress In Training Your Puppy

In puppy training, building confidence means knowing what you expect from your pup.Motivation for a puppy to do anything at all lies first in his desire to please you.What you say to a puppy and how you say it can determine how quickly he learns.

How to Stop a Husky From Shedding

Excessive dog shedding can be irritating to deal with, especially when the seasons change from cold to hot, or hot to cold. Siberian huskies shed their entire undercoats twice a year, both during these climatic changes, which is know as their "blowing coat." Hair quickly accumulates everywhere if th

Dog's Separation Anxiety Cures - 6 Tips

Separation Anxiety is high on the list of reported behaviour problems. If you are one of the many owners searching for Dog separation Anxiety Cures investing a few minutes to read this article you could find you save hours of heartache wondering what to do.

Treatments for Osteomyelitis in Dogs

Canine osteomyelitis requires treatment to clear up the image by Michal Tudek from Fotolia.comOsteomyelitis is a bone infection that causes the inflammation of bone tissues such as marrow. Usually the result of staph bacteria, osteomyelitis is occasionally caused by other...

Causes of Dog Body Odor

Treat all possible causes of a dog's body odor so it smells as fresh as flowers.The dog image by Beausoir from Fotolia.comDogs can often emit unpleasant smells, and it is important to determine the cause. Some smells can be relieved with a simple bath, while others may have medical...

Shaggy Dog Types

There are many different dog breeds around the world. Dogs have different coats; some are short haired, some have longer hair, and some dogs have coats that are described as shaggy. Shaggy dog types are often mixed breeds, but there are some purebred dogs known for their long and unruly coats.

How to House-train a Shitzu Puppy

Along with their outgoing personalities and intelligence, shih tzu dogs are also known for one more thing--their difficulty to potty-train. Not all shih tzus resist the notion of going outside to do their business, but a portion do and because of that, word has spread that shih tzu dogs are anti-hou

Dog Training - How to Housebreak the Difficult Dog

The first step in house training a difficult dog is believing that you can get it done. Clients that I have worked with in the past constantly told me that their dog would never be housebroken. I explained that if they kept affirming the fact that their dog would never be housetrained their statemen

Barking Dogs - What Could They Be Barking At?

Dog barking can be a problem that any dog owner encounters. However, some people will want to figure out what it is exactly that their dog is barking at. Here are two items that your dog could be barking at when they are barking.

Strategies and Tips to Stop a Dog from Barking

One of the common problem behaviors a dog may exhibit is constant barking. It's especially problematic if the barking is not only affecting you and your family but those around you e.g. people in your neighborhood. It is normal behavior for dogs to bark because this is their way of communicatin

Symptoms of Advanced Canine Mammary Cancer

Canine mammary cancer is caused by a tumor in one or more of a dog's mammary gland. It is a treatable type of cancer if caught early enough and can possibly be prevented by spaying as soon as possible prior to its first heat. If it reaches the advanced stages, it is typically not curable and surgery

Tools to Groom a Boxer

Boxers have a short coat and require low-maintenance grooming. As a result, relatively few tools are necessary to keep a boxer’s skin and coat soft and shiny; however, the tools should be in good condition to obtain the best results. Along with brushing, boxers require nail care and other type

How to Care for Shiba Inu Puppies

If you are looking for a puppy that is affectionate with lots of energy and fluffy fur to cuddle with, consider the Shiba Inu. The independent temperament of Shiba Inu puppies requires owners to devote time and effort to caring for them so that they grow up friendly toward people and other dogs. The

Canine Heart Disease

Canine heart disease is a very common condition. It is a very serious condition that usually proves to be fatal unless it is detected very early.

DIY Backpack For a Dog

Exercise is an important aspect of your dog's health. Sufficient exercise can reduce many problem behaviors, such as destruction, digging and barking. However, many owners don't have the time to give their dogs the exercise they need. Using a backpack on a walk reduces the time necessary to walk. In

Dog Training Programs - Which One is Right For You?

Training is an important and responsible aspect of owning a dog. It allows for the safety of dogs and others around them and it makes being in their company pleasant when they are well-mannered.

A List of Some Labrador Health Problems

One of the Labrador health problems you may see in your dog is hip dysplasia. Other common Labrador health problems are elbow joint problems and eye infections. If you use a proper diet and make sure your dog gets exercise then you can avoid Labrador health problems like obesity.

Train Chihuahuas - Learn How to Teach Sit First!

When you train chihuahuas, it is important to cover the basic commands as soon as you bring them home, such as how to teach sit. You may hear rumors about people saying that it is difficult to train chihuahuas.

How to Use Homeopathic Silicea for a Dog With Cancer

More and more dog owners are utilizing effective homeopathic remedies for treating various pet illnesses. Homeopathic silicea has been found to help treat dogs with solid tumors or lymphosarcoma cancer. Silicea is a mineral made from quartz or flint. It's known for its ability to cleanse and purify