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CS5, Fear, Creativity and Success in Stock Photography

A few nights ago I attended an Adobe presentation about Photoshop CS5. As I sat there watching them demonstrate new technologies that makes painstaking tasks into a snap I first felt a bit of despair

Tips For Children's Photographers

If you are thinking of working in children's photographers you may want to take on board some of these tips. Children are human beings and as such should be expected to be unpredictable. The best behaved child, can and will have temper tantrums at some point and this may occur on the day the ph

How to Prepare for a Senior Portrait Session

A few simple steps will greatly help a Senior to be prepared for his session. When a High School Senior is properly prepared for his portrait session, it is much more likely that a beautiful, coveted

Headshots Advice - 7 Essential Tips For Picking Out Your Wardrobe

As anyone who has experience with headshot photography in Los Angeles will tell you, it's better to have too much clothing than too little.At the very least you should take three changes of clothing to your shoot but you can take even more if you'd like.Select a variety of shirts with diff

Interesting Facts About Star Clusters

As we all know, the universe is an amazing place, full of facts and mysteries. It is the totality of all the space, matter, energy, stars, galaxies, planets and more. There are many hidden mysteries ...

Wedding Photography - The Big Budget Issue

Wedding Photography is much more than just taking beautiful images. A good Wedding Photographer needs to be confident, relaxed and get on with everyone he works with. It is important because you are hiring this person to be with you on the most important day of your life. Here's a quick guide t

Earn Online Through Photography

Online world is full of opportunities. There are millions of ways to broadcast yourself and similar number of ways to earn online. A person who spends some time on internet searching for online jobs he will immediately realize that there are many simple things which can earn him better than other st

Mark Kumar - JPEG VS RAW - Which Is Better?

Do you wanna to know which is better JPEG VS RAW? Come read Mark Kumar's thought on it and find out which one Mark Kumar photographs in and why. How it can help you

Differences between Tungsten & Fluorescent Lighting

Both tungsten and fluorescent lighting are widely used in professional photography. Each has unique characteristics that enhance the image output with color temperature ranging between 3200-3500K. However, there are a few differences between the two, the specifics of which are beneficial to know if

How to Photograph a Beautiful Engagement Shoot

Are you a new photographer wanting to capture the perfect engagement shoot for your client? Well, there's a couple of things you can do in advance to prepare for the perfect shoot. It all comes down to correspondence with your client, and you being prepared.

How to Use a Nikon Bellows

For photographers who spend a lot of time doing macro photography -- taking pictures of items at extreme close-up -- investing into a set of bellows may be good decision. Nikon manufactured the PB-4 bellows system for just this purpose, and by using lens mount adapters you can use this system on mo

Taking Pictures Special Times With T2i Canon

There are numerous times in life that can't be let to pass through just like that. These are whenever the illustrates of someone's life occur. A great deal of techniques can be achie

How to Take Reflective Photos

Photography relies on perception, whether real or imagined. Some of the most engaging and famous photographs capture unusual optical effects of perception, such as reflection. Reflections can appear as mirror images, create distortions for abstract effect, or even trick the viewer into thinking they

Digital Camera Shooting Techniques

You brought the latest digital camera costing a fortune and are all set to explore the photographer in you. You hurriedly go through the manual and are impatient to start shooting. You take out your camera and flaunting it you start taking pictures.