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Crime in America - The Most Dangerous Cities and States

According to the most recently compiled crime reports and analyzed statistics (based on 2008 records), the three most dangerous cities in America are not particularly surprising. New Orleans took the number one spot, with Detroit Michigan coming in as the second most crime-ridden city in the U.S. Th

How The Rockefellers Became Environmentalists

Rockefeller, the name synonymous with gasoline in the United States is defecting to the opposition. The family has decided it's going to quit fossil fuels and invest in renewable energy.It is a decision with an extraordinary irony. Who would have thought the Rockefellers would turn their backs

Prejudice Avoided

I was six years old in 1960 when my father took me aside to talk to me about prejudice. My father said to never judge a person by the color of their skin.

Should We Care What Miss USA Thinks?

Anita Bryant sold a hell of a lot of orange juice as Miss America. She sold it as a darling of the right espousing family values.

Blowin Smoke

To "spark up" an initiative against the legalization of marijuana meets strong resistance among a growing majority of the youth in our nation. The average person who would defend the legalization of the herb at hand, I have most often found to have a well-rounded knowledge consisting of a

Home Care Is The Care Which Your Seniors Need

People who cared for you in your younger ages now need your care, but you can’t provide the care towards them, by always sitting near them because you must work to safeguard them.

Photo voltaic Photovoltaic (Solar PV)

Solar photovoltaic is utilised in a variety of strategies, generally to energy properties that are inter-tied or interconnected with the grid. In a grid-interconnected photo voltaic strength strategy

Setting the Record Straight on Iraq and the Islamic State

It was June 29, 2014 (the first day of Ramadan) when an Islamic caliphate was proclaimed for the area the Islamic State now controls and their name was changed to Dawla al-Islamiya, or the Islamic State. The methods incorporated by this group are no different than they were back in 2005 when they we

Tiktaalik, The Fish Sheds New Clues on the Origin of Life and Land Mammals

For decades, scientists around the world have been on the relentless quest to ultimately research and solve the greatest mystery surrounding the origin of life. They have built, developed, and simulated many different experiments and hypotheses detailing and explaining the origin of life and the evo

Check Online News Through SPUTNIK

Sputnik is a new common online media news administration powered for 10 November 2014 from the Euro Federation stated in addition to proved helpful company, Rossiya segodnya. Sputnik replaces the RIA

Children Rarely Walk

Perhaps that is a symptom of Obama's need for speed. After all, the magician relies on slight of hand and dexterous deftness to achieve moans of delight from the audience.

Are you currently a great Women's Leader?

When you have the will and passion to turn out to be an excellent leader for the ladies inside your church, you are able to most assuredly succeed using the assist of God. To be able to turn out to be