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How to Take Advantage of a Struggling Financial Market

When the financial markets are struggling, and the values of stocks have plummeted, there are many interesting opportunities for the investor. This article will explore how to take advantage of a struggling financial market.

Cookie Dough Fundraising: Post Fundraising Events

Whenever a cookie dough fundraising is through, we often forget the people who made the whole fundraising event successful. This is the most visibly disregarded part of any fundraising event since it is very easy to forget other people's contribution. But if you really want to be more successfu

What's Up With Swing Trading?

Somewhere between day trading, and long-term buy and hold trading, lies a potentially profitable niche called swing trading. Swing trading involves the buying or selling of a stock, commodity, or other market-traded investment at some point where the instrument's price has experienced some vola

Stock Market - Are You Going to Be a Long-term Investor Or a Short-term Trader?

Short and long term investing are both valuable tools for you however, both must be used correctly to achieve maximum benefit.When setting up your goals (as we discussed in the prior articles), you will want to have attainable goals in all phases of your trade plan.While we will focus a great deal o

What Is the Debt to GDP Ratio?

Learn what the debt-to-GDP ratio is, why a manageable ratio is essential, and how the debt-to-GDP ratio can affect bond yields.

Internet Trading Advantages

Trading online through a discount brokerage provides a similar service to a conventional broker at a lower cost. Instead of relying on reports from a broker on how your investments are doing, use an online brokerage to track your portfolio performance in real-time. Moreover, the fees that...

Helping the Victims of Hurricane Katrina Through a Charity Fundraising

Every year, the government as well as private organizations come up with programs designed to help those who are unable to cope with the challenges of life alone. An example is some of the survivors of Hurricane, which happened one year ago and have not yet been able to recover from the natural disa

Why Do We Need Market Analysis For Successful Trading?

What strategy do you follow to get substantial return from the stock market? Don't you really survey the market, or do you follow the general rule of trading? If your answer to any of these questions is yes, then there is very little chance of your success in the market.

The Death of the Traditional Mutual Fund

For many decades the core investment of most individual accounts, 401ks, and IRAs has been the mutual fund. Various structures of loads, annual fees, or 12b-1s may exist but the main concept has stayed the same. This involves the computation of the fund's NAV (Net Asset Value) on a daily basis

Be An Expert On Running A Smens Fundraiser

Do you think that running a smens fundraiser will help you reach your fundraising goals within a short span of time? Well, you're absolutely correct with your thoughts because scented pencils are considered as one of the most highly profitable fundraising products used by different groups and s

How to Invest in Equity Indexed Annuities

An equity indexed annuity is designed to give investors a guaranteed rate of return while providing high returns when the stock market is doing well. While an equity indexed annuity is a suitable investment for some, it posses problems for others who may not fully understand how this annuity structu

Charity Auctions and Halloween Themes

All successful benefit auctions offer lots of "treats" -- the silent auction, games, live auction, and emotional appeal, but how can you make the event more memorable for your guests? Halloween always sparks many people's creativity for wild themed costumes and fun creative parties.

How to Trade Stocks in 2010?

We are standing on the threshold of another new year. Buy and hold style of stock investing may be dead. To invest successfully in today's markets, you need to have a trading plan. You should start your 2010 with a trading plan that can give you 7 figures.

Performance of IRA Funds

If your individual retirement account contains mutual funds, the value of your IRA will be determined by your contributions and the investment performance of the funds within the account. You should understand the funds in the IRA and how they work. Specifically, you should understand what drives fu