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Macy's at Somerset North

Somerset Collection - Photo of Macy's at Somerset North, Part of the Somerset Collection Shopping Mall in Troy

List of Islands in Hawaii

There are eight main island in the U.S state of Hawaiithe beach image by SBphotographer from Fotolia.comThe United States' 50th state, Hawaii, is made up of 19 islands and atolls, first settled by Polynesians around A.D. 500. Of those 19 islands and atolls, there are eight main...

Long Island, New York Night Clubs

Long Island is a populous island southeast of New Yorklong island beach image by Xavier MARCHANT from Fotolia.comLong Island, situated just east of Manhattan, has a vibrant nightlife. Offering dancing and entertainment, night clubs on Long Island are popular venues for visiting musicians...

The Hotels of Mackinac Island, Michigan

Beautiful lakeside views are just one of the amenities of the various hotels of Michigan's Mackinac Island.Lakeside image by mcab from Fotolia.comDesignated an American National Historic Landmark, the state of Michigan's Mackinac Island is a premier resort destination in the Lake Huron...

German Restaurants Near Mackinaw, IL

Enjoy hearty German meals near Mackinaw.bratwurst image by Silvia Bogdanski from Fotolia.comThe history of Mackinaw, Illinois dates back to the early 1800s when the Mackinaw River was used to transport goods used in local industries. The city is now home to a large population of commuters...

Cincinnati-Style Chili

In Ohio, almost everyone has their own version of Cincinnati chili, that unique stew-like mixture, served with pasta, cheese, onion, and beans. Mine is a little different in that it uses cubes of meat instead of ground beef.

Holocaust Memorial Resource and Education Center of Florida

The Holocaust Memorial Resource and Education Center of Florida is one of the oldest Holocaust museums in the country, founded in 1982. Permanent exhibit, traveling exhibits, a 6,000 volume library, a film series, and community programs. Free admission to the museum. Explore the history of the Holoc

Hotels Near the Back Bay in Boston

Boston's Back Bay area features many nice hotels.hotel image by pearlguy from Fotolia.comThe Back Bay is one of the most well-known areas in Boston. It features historic landmarks, including the Boston Public Library, Copley Square and the Prudential Center. The area offers many fine...

Mississippi Golf Courses

There are many golf courses throughout the state of Mississippi.playing golf image by Joann Cooper from Fotolia.comMississippi is a state that is located in the southern region of the United States. It is surrounded by Louisiana, Alabama, Tennessee, Arkansas and the Gulf of Mexico. Some...

Hotels in Fairlawn, OH

Stay at one of the fine hotels located in Akron, Ohio.hotel de region 1 image by Marc Rigaud from Fotolia.comFairlawn, a suburb of Akron, is located in Ohio's Summit County. This town has a popular shopping district with a mall and town center that include a variety of shops and...

How to Visit Gatlinburg, TN

Gatlinburg, Tennessee is a little-known treasure that is hidden away with a backdrop of the Smoky Mountains. It is a bustling town filled with tourist activities, resorts, parks, hotels and cabins to please nearly every taste and budget. Gatlinburg can be explored as a family, for business travel

Self-Identity Checklist

Self-identity is an important part of your self-esteem. If you know who you are, you can organize your life more effectively to focus on doing things that make you happy and avoiding things that don't make you happy. To define yourself, you need to go through a checklist and determine what kind of p

Lakefront RV Parks in the North Carolina Mountains

There are many mountaintop sights to see in the state of North Carolina.Shining Rock Wilderness, North Carolina image by Pablo M from Fotolia.comNorth Carolina, located in the eastern United States, is home to the Blue Ridge Mountains on its western border. The area is popular with...

What Is a Marketing Tagline?

A marketing tagline describes a catchphrase used by a business or brand to help define itself to its customers. "Just do it," is a phrase that belongs to Nike, while Avis has long used "we try harder" to distinguish itself from its competitors. Taglines typically consist of three or four words, whic

Happy 100th to Nathans Hot Dogs!

Nathan's Hot Dogs turn 100 in 2016. How do you celebrate the anniversary of a hot dog? Well, you have a trivia test, of course! Here are 10 Coney Island/hot dog history trivia questions that tell the tale of this 100-year old American institution.

Hotels Near Short Pump Mall in Virginia

Short Pump is just west of Richmond, Virginia.Shockoe Slip, Richmond, Virginia image by Christopher Martin from Fotolia.comRichmond, Virginia, is home to the fabulous Short Pump Mall. This outdoor lifestyle center is home to many shops, restaurants and even a train. If you are looking for...

Lodging in the Hocking Hills in Ohio

The Hocking Hills area outside of Logan, Ohio is an area of natural beauty and a vacation destination for people wanting to relax, hike or visit art galleries and antiques shops. Attractions include Old Man's Cave, Cedar Falls, Rockhouse, the Hocking River and many streams, and tourists...

Hotels Near Miami Cruise Lines

Hotels near Miami cruise linesbayside marina miami image by Wimbledon from Fotolia.comThe Port of Miami sits just off the Florida mainland on Dodge Island. Known as "the Cruise Capital of the World," it is the one of the busiest ports in the world and can accommodate the largest ships....