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How to Know If You Are a Perfect Match

When you are in a positive and happy relationship, you might find yourself continually asking yourself if the other person is "the one" for you. You may believe that there isn't anyone out there in the universe better suited to be with you. Although time is the only thing that can tell you that for

Learn How Seniors Can Find a Compatible Date

A person who has lived life to the fullest is said to be the one who has succeeded in every aspect of his/her life. How about dating? If a senior is fulfilled but alone in life, dating is the best option that one might consider.

10 Habits of Recovering Porn Addicts

Each time an addict views, masturbates and fantasizes with porn he/she sends a rush of mood altering chemicals called adrenaline, epinephrine and endorphins to the brain.The brain likes this "rush" because it feels good. Eventually after frequently acting out the porn addict develops neuro

How To Get A Guy To Loosen Up During Sex

Is your love making session with your partner dry? Do you think he doesn't take you to a euphoric level? Would you want to know how to make him improve his skills without telling him? Saying to him upfront that he doesn't make you happy in bed is a big no-no. It's a bad stroke to his

Calories During Sex -Tips to Burn Calories During a Sex Session

Burning of calories during sex is higher than any other exercise. In order to burn calories and lose weight, we should have regular sex. Lovemaking is a pleasurable and exciting experience that is enjoyed by everyone. Everyone likes to cuddle, kiss and make love. The whole process is too much engagi

How to Make Sexy Women Crave You (Within 5 Minutes)

As you should know by now, attraction works differently in men than they do in women. Men can feel almost instant attraction to woman purely based on their looks, and the curves of their body. But women are biologically wired to be attracted to a man's traits more so than his inherent appearanc

How to Give a Woman an Orgasm and Get Her Screaming Your Name

Who else wants to learn how to give a woman an orgasm and make her scream their name? If you have your hand up, then I highly suggest you sit back and get comfortable for the next few minutes. Here are some methods which have brought me some great success in the bedroom. These will separate you from

Relationship Advice For Men - "You Complete Me" is a Myth

Most of the relationship advice for men we give and receive is just wrong. When my (second) wife told me she wanted a divorce, I did what most guys do (and what most guys tell you to do), I bought her gifts, did anything she said, and tried to become what she was telling me to become...only to find

How to Pick Up Women - Importance of Mannerism

One of the most important and interesting questions that is being asked by men is how to pick up women. This question is difficult to be answered in a straight forward manner since it is essential to make use of several approaches to succeed in this activity.

What is Dating?

In many societies of the world, dating is a common feature. People do it in their own style and way. Dating has been around for a long time but, in the beginning, people did not date; they used other means to find wives. It is vital for you to know what it is exactly. It is described in simple terms

Fun Second Date Ideas

The first few dates are exciting, important and and woman holding hands image by Michael Drager from Fotolia.comCongratulations. If you're going on a second date, you did something right on your first date. Second dates tell you more about a person and help you decide if she...