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Tiles Shop in Gurgaon

Vitrified tile is a tile created utilizing vitrification. By this process the tiles made have low porosity. making it stain-safe and solid. It is an option to marble and stone deck. Vitrified Tile is made ...

Interior Decoration of a Living Room

Decorating a living room is a fun and exciting project. Living rooms are used for formal entertaining and special occasions. In contrast to less formal family rooms, living rooms should be an area of sophistication and are typically used by adults and their guests. By following a few basic interior

The Venerable Morris Chair

Amish craftsmen carrying on the Mission furniture tradition, still produce Morris Chairs, one of the earliest known recliners. Mission furniture [], a category of high quality, artisan designed and executed woodwork, has endured over a ...

Solar Panels Common Issues

Putting up solar panels and finding out that they don't work can be a frustrating experience. In this article I'll tell you about some possible problems that you might encounter when you have solar panels. ...

What Size Down Comforter is Right For Me?

Choosing the right size down comforter for your bed may seem like a simple task, but there actually are a few choices out there for you. You can choose for the snug fit or the oversized fit. Just make sure you don't decide which until you read this article.

Cheap Curtains Can Be Made To Look Like Luxurious Ones

When you plan to have curtains for your windows, you should not think that they need to be expensive for enhancing the looks of your house. You can buy cheap curtains or make them on your own and with them, you can impress the visitors and guests with the enhanced beauty of your home. Therefore, if

How to Make a Fabric Diagonal Striped Cushion

Cushions are a great way to accent any space, be it a bedroom, living room, family room or kitchen breakfast nook. Making your own cushions allows you to add your personal aesthetic to your home. Decorative pillows sold in home goods stores can cost anywhere from $15 to over $100. Making them yourse

How to Decorate With Ivory Leather Sofas

Ivory couches may be passed over because they are so light and show dirty or stains. However, leather additions of these couches are much more stain resistant and do not attract the same quantities of dirt. They can be wiped down to clean and last for years. Use ivory leather couches to create a uni

How to Restore Chandeliers

Chandeliers add a touch of elegance and the dramatic to any home. Frequently found in dining rooms and foyers, the beauty of a chandelier can be reduced by layers of dirt and grime, chipped or rusting metal, and missing crystals or lamp shades. Chandeliers found at antique shops and flea markets typ

Separate Kids Bedrooms

Kids bedrooms are a place where many kids play. If you can, you should have a separate room for toys, and if you can do this, the bedrooms will remain cleaner for longer. Most of us dont have this extra space, and if we do, we have to use it for something else. If at all possible, you should give yo

How to Antique White Cabinets With Ralph Lauren Glaze

To add visual interest to bland white cabinets, one easy solution is Ralph Lauren's faux glaze. The base can be tinted to suit any design palette. Ralph Lauren faux glaze comes in four different levels, ranging from sun bleached to dark patina — Sunfade, Seastain, Smoke and Tobacco. The glaze

Names of Purple Shades

Purple can be a stunning accent to other colors in a room.Room image by Loshkaryov Sergey from Fotolia.comThere are literally hundreds of shades of purple, each with its own name. If you plan on using purple in your interior design, you must accurately describe your color scheme while...

The In's And Out's Of Amerock Hardware

Closing in on their golden centennial, it seems there is a lot to learn from Amerock []. 80 years is a long time to be in business, especially in such a competitive market. So what ...